Bapak’s Notes : Welcome to the world, kak!

Hi Kak, apa kabar?

For 38 weeks, Bapak and Ibu have anxiously waiting to meet you. We often wonder how will you look like and on the first day of April 2016, you decided to answer that question yourself by coming out into our world. Earlier that day, Bapak was watching Daredevil series when suddenly Ibu broke her water. We then rushed to pack our stuff and went to Bunda Hospital in a car driven by a very friendly Uber driver. After 12 grueling hours, finally you was delivered safely and healthily at 10.09 pm.

For that, we couldn’t feel grateful enough.

Lets start with your name first. Ghazi Mahira Argani.

Ghazi means “warrior” in arabic, Mahira is “smart” in Urdu while Argani is an ancient Javanese word which translate into “courage to face adversities”. So in essence, your full name translate into : A smart warrior who will be brave to face adversities and challenges.

Kak, in this world things will not always go what you want to go. There will be challenges, adversities and even failures along your way. But Bapak hopes that those wont stop you from pursuing your goals. Whenever you feel like you want to give up, look at the mirror and ask yourself

Kakak pejuang bukan ?

The answer of that question will always be yes. Its right there kak, in your name.

That name is Bapak and Ibu’s prayer for you and we hope that it will follow you wherever you go.

Oke kak, its already late at night and you will probably wake again soon asking for milk. I think its enough for my first post about you and obviously will write again soon.

Love you kak!

5 thoughts on “Bapak’s Notes : Welcome to the world, kak!

  1. Alhamdulillah.. Selamat yo.. Semoga sehat baby n ibu nya..
    Semoga jadi anak yang baik, berbakti dan membawa keberkahan dan kebahagiaan untuk keluarga 🙂
    btw, rambut e tebel banget kyk gawe wig..hihihi…

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