After One Year

Happy First Anniversary, Sari!

It has been one year since the early morning rush to Balai Makarti. The whole process from the vow to the reception was way more beautiful than i expected and looking back, its amazing that we did all the planning and funding mostly by ourselves. Those planning process served as the model of how we work together, tackling problems, and managing financials in order to achieve our common goal in life.

After all, beyond the parties, decorations and  the food. When the hype and fanfare has dwindled down, marriage is a lifetime collaboration between two people. I know that when push come to shove, both of us can share responsibilities and adapt to the situation.  I’m glad i do this amazing thing with you. 

We grew together…literally


So what can we expect going forward ? One thing for sure, our journey is not going to get easier.

Kakak will be saying hello to this world soon hence the amount of sleep that we will be getting for the next 2 years will be reduced drastically. Meanwhile the anticipation and anxiety of becoming a father has been creeping me out lately. All the parenting books that you’ve bought apparently only help a little to calm my nerves. The anxiety part was also the reason why i play games more often these days.

Someday kakak will be so proud (or pissed off) when his old man have better K/D ratio than him. Never mind the fact that i am literally, screwing his mother.

Also this year, if everything falls into the right places , we will relocate to the far west continent. Thanks to your constant nagging and fierce reminder, i have successfully got a scholarship to pursue master’s degree. Considering my bad habit of not planning ahead coupled with a chronic case of procrastination (case in point, this blog post), i guess i would never made it this far if i married someone else.

All in all,

It’s been a wonderful one year. Not always sunshine and rainbows, but we can always make do with what we’ve got.

Once again. Happy Anniversary Putri Lenggo Sari, thanks for being my better half.

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