Bapak’s Notes : Selamat Ulang Tahun Ibu

Apa kabar Ghaz ?

Its been quite a while since the last time i write for you and son, let me tell you how it has been hell of a ride. First thing first, we are now living in Manchester Ghaz! can you believe that ? sometimes bapak still couldnt fathom this fact.

As a child who grew up in the suburbs of Sidoarjo, going outside our country was a far fetch let alone living there Ghaz. Bapak used to play near Juanda airport and i was always wondering what lies behind the departure door.

But enough about that, lets talk about the woman responsible for our well being and happiness while we embark on this journey : Ibu.


Did you know Ghaz that Bapak actually was afraid of the idea of pursuing Master’s degree ? I used to think since Bapak has been having good career with good wages and benefits, why risk all that for going back to university again ? after all, theres no guarantee when Bapak will have better career after having the degree.

It was Ibu who convince me that i can always go back to professional life again but Bapak might miss this lifetime chance to study abroad if i didnt pursue it now. Bapak is nearly in my 30’s now, you are still very young and we dont have any long term financial commitment yet. We dont have any car nor house nor debt hence we as a family have the flexibility to just pack our bags and go!. And again this is also because of Ibu. She save our money and ensure me not to settle in just yet because Ibu believe Bapak might get a chance for scholarship.

See Ghaz ? even I dont put that much confidence in myself.

Did you know Ghaz since we moved to this far and foreign land, Ibu become full time housewife ? When Bapak is going to class, you are with Ibu 24/7. She cook for both of us, bath you and ensuring you grow up healthy and happy. She even taking you out for baby class where you can learn about colors, music and other educational stuff. She done it all by herself, taking you out on a stroller, boarding a Stagecoach bus, sometimes in a windy and cold weather,  isnt it amazing Ghaz ?.

Just before we moved here, Ibu was promoted in her job. To leave all that and committed herself to be mother and wife, both of us owe her big time Ghaz so remember this as you grow up (and please remind Bapak too hehe).

Last week, Ibu had her birthday. So lets give out one big hug for our hero Ghaz : Selamat Ulang Tahun Ibu, Bapak and Ghazi love you to the supermoon and back. We wont be what we are today if not because of you.

Love you again!

Bapak’s Notes : Welcome to the world, kak!

Hi Kak, apa kabar?

For 38 weeks, Bapak and Ibu have anxiously waiting to meet you. We often wonder how will you look like and on the first day of April 2016, you decided to answer that question yourself by coming out into our world. Earlier that day, Bapak was watching Daredevil series when suddenly Ibu broke her water. We then rushed to pack our stuff and went to Bunda Hospital in a car driven by a very friendly Uber driver. After 12 grueling hours, finally you was delivered safely and healthily at 10.09 pm.

For that, we couldn’t feel grateful enough.

Lets start with your name first. Ghazi Mahira Argani. Continue reading “Bapak’s Notes : Welcome to the world, kak!”