About Me

Profpic Kiki Ahmadi Large

Strategy and operations manager in Amartha. Almost ten years experience in telco and digital companies both in Indonesia and Malaysia. Graduated from University of Manchester with Masters in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. Got my bachelor degree from Information System ITS.

You can read more details of my professional history in Linkedin. Im also quite active in Twitter

I wrote about tech, startup and random things on this blog. Here are some of the highlights.

On tech cluster and startup ecosystem in Indonesia. This is also my master research topic :

On startup, technology and digital business :

Essay on Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship  :

Essay written in Bahasa Indonesia :



  1. sekarang udah jadi sarjana tuh…edit lagi..hhehe


  2. Ini di depan Sungei Wang yah ? Electronic Centre in My ?


    1. iya di bukit bintang mas, electronic centrenya di plasa low yat :), sampeyan mas lintang kakanya vivin kan ya ?


  3. teruskan, semoga makin berprestasi, makin banyak pula berbagi : )


  4. salam kenalll *halah*
    temenan di dunia maya aja nih…
    meski dulu kampus sebelahan, hohoho


    1. hi widya, ya i guess, i saw you once in a while di TI. terima kasih sudah mampir 🙂


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