Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar 2013

Ive been working on something exciting right now. In short, its a massive volunteering event which targets 20,000 people to work together in one place.

20 thousands with thousands.

The sheer amount of pioneering volunteer which have prepared this festival for months ago was just hell-a-lot (about 200 plus people). Yet it still not even 1% percent amount of people which we will invite.

20 fuckin thousand people man. fuck! . Even if im being overly pessimistic, 50% of it still going to be 10 thousand

Heres brief explanation about FGIM



You know what even interesting ? 90% of the work was being done by volunteers like me who have a day job. After office meeting and brainstorming which last up until 11.00 PM seems like an effortless hobbies for these super awesome people.

Something about Indonesia Mengajar i always proud of yet confusing to digest.

So if you dont have any better and meaningful to do 5-6 October this year. Why dont you join our hordes? Marching together towards Econvention Hall Ancol to get our hands dirty developing various educational tools for assisting teachers in remote areas of Indonesia.

Stop cursing the darkness and lets turn some god damn lights on for our nations education!

Join the rebellion now – Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar 2013

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