3×3 Method

Tom Cavill is an app developer and designer. He founded video messaging app Peeps which currently still only available in Iphone.  With the growing number of apps installed in smartphones, each app has to fight fiercely for user’s attention. The main weapon for this battle is clarity. Within a glance, user must know what does the app do and why they should install this. Tom designed 3×3 method to help craft this message in a structured way

3X3 drawings
3X3 drawings

First step, draw 3 boxes with 3 lines underneath it. For each box, explain these 3 points.

  1. What? – What does your product do?
  2. Why?  – What’s the benefit? (makes for a good slogan).
  3. How? – What makes this different

The catch is, you can only do this with three drawings and exactly 3 words per box hence the name 3×3 method. Using this limitation, you will be forced to think what really is the core message of your product.

Peeps walk through screens as results from the exercise

I really dig this Tom Cavill’s method . Simple, useful and can be applicable in any other product other than apps. Definitely this will come handy in brainstorming session. Read more on Tom’s original post in Medium link below

Write better walkthroughs with the 3×3 Method

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