This is cool productivity apps you should make use of.

As it explained in its name, IFTTT (If this then that) is a web service to connect different web applications using simple conditional statement. Its kind hard to explain it in words but let me show what i did with IFTTT.


IFTTT Recipes

I created an alert for Naruto, One Piece, Steam deals. So lets say Naruto released at Mangastream.com, email will instantly send at my Gmail account. This is the easiest way to use IFTTT. Not only interact with dozens of web applications, IFTT can connect though your phone. Hence IFTT is able to do something like turn off your ringtones automatically once you reached office.

Super cool right ?

With approximately 14 mio users and additional 30 mio USD series B funding, I hope IFTTT can grow and expand their capabilities more and more. This folks if you havent known, is the internet of things.

If This Then That

Recommended Readings #3 : Medium

Last week  ive found out about interesting service called Medium , a blogging platform developed by Twitter co founders Evan Williams & Biz Stone. They  created this to encourage twitter users to create content beyond 140 characters. Medium puts heavy emphasis on writing  and content discovery. In attempt to deliver this with consistent clean design, Medium sacrifice user customization so every blog hosted medium will look the same. Throwing personalization out the door, user have to rely solely on their writing to stand out.Two things Medium do best, makes comfortable reading format and create distraction free writing editor. The best ive seen so far in the internet.



Another nice aspect about medium is the content discovery system. In your homepage, Medium will curates a collection of blog post according to your interest. So that makes Medium a theme of this week post of Recommended Readings. Enjoy and have a nice day.

Lifehacker’s explanation on alternative blogging platform

To understand pros and cons about alternative blogging platform such as Medium, read this piece on Lifehacker. Its also explain the comparison with more well known platform such as WordPress and Blogger.

Nikki Durkin on Failing a startup 

Everyone loves a success story. Weve been exposed to encouraging rags to riches story from Cinderella to Zuckerberg. But how about failure story ?. Founder of fashion sharing app 99dresses Nikki Durkin tells a story about the crash and burn of her startup. Very personal and emotional.

Aulia Masna on Wearables are still overrated

Ex-Daily Social and tech pundit Aulia Masna rants about wearables and how suck they are this time of day. Spoiler alert, its the batteries.

Julie Zhuo on Working in Startup vs Big Companies

We all known its different. But to know how different and in what aspect it differs, read out this educational piece from Facebook’s product designer Julie Zhuo

Have a nice monday good people. Oh i almost forgot, lets be friends on Medium!

Recommended Readings (RR) is a weekly compilation of  internet articles which is interesting and insightful. No limitation on the topic, as long as it ticks me ill share it with you guys here. Check out the previous RR articles here

Indonesian Sounds #2 : Metal Albums

My first early recollection of Indonesian Metal was Metalik Klinik I cassette . It has several legendary band from the local scene such as Jasad, Tengkorak, Bluekuthuq, Purgatory and Betrayer. The bassline from Betrayer’s Bendera Kuning still plays clearly in my head.

Back in 2002-2004, there was Wijaya Metal program in Wijaya FM from 6 to 9 pm. Not just usual radio friendly metal such as Avenged Sevenfold or Edane’s Kau Pikir Kau lah segalanya,  But they play even the extreme ones such as to Dimmu Borgir’s Progenies of the great apocalypse, Craddle of Filth & Finntroll’s ridiculously catchy Trollhamaren. The kind of music modern radio wont even poke using a long stick. This programs also play local music which introduced me Surabaya’s local metal music such as Devadata.


Indonesian Metal \m/


One  thing i didnt  like about the old local metal releases was the shitty recording quality. Getting a overpowered muddy distortion with blast beat banging your ears makes the album not comfortable to listen to. It was really annoying especially in Metalik Klinik series. This issue was gladfully over in this modern days. Even the not-yet popular band like Nectura is able to release metal album with very good audio quality.

Enough for the long intro, heres the review of metal albums taken from my CD shelf for today’s edition of Indonesian Sounds.

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3×3 Method

Tom Cavill is an app developer and designer. He founded video messaging app Peeps which currently still only available in Iphone.  With the growing number of apps installed in smartphones, each app has to fight fiercely for user’s attention. The main weapon for this battle is clarity. Within a glance, user must know what does the app do and why they should install this. Tom designed 3×3 method to help craft this message in a structured way

3X3 drawings

3X3 drawings

First step, draw 3 boxes with 3 lines underneath it. For each box, explain these 3 points.

  1. What? – What does your product do?
  2. Why?  – What’s the benefit? (makes for a good slogan).
  3. How? – What makes this different

The catch is, you can only do this with three drawings and exactly 3 words per box hence the name 3×3 method. Using this limitation, you will be forced to think what really is the core message of your product.


Peeps walk through screens as results from the exercise

I really dig this Tom Cavill’s method . Simple, useful and can be applicable in any other product other than apps. Definitely this will come handy in brainstorming session. Read more on Tom’s original post in Medium link below

Write better walkthroughs with the 3×3 Method

Year’s End Movie 2014

The last time i went to cinema was i think two months ago for Guardian of Galaxy , which was very very good.  No interesting movies coming along after that. This time around is like silence period before the storm of massive Hollywood year’s end season. So my fellow moviegoers, to build up excitement heres the trailers for a upcoming movies in the last quarter of 2014.


Christopher Nolan. That name alone is enough to convince you to watch this movies. Except for TDKR which is still highly disputed, Nolan hasnt yet make movies which less than awesome. Batman Begins, Inception, The Prestige, Memento you name it. In Interstellar, our planet is coming to an end and bands of astronauts lead by the alright, alright, alright Matthew McConaughey are desperately jumping into wormhole to look for another place in the galaxy  to settle and delaying the human extinction. Awesome right.

The trailer so far is so epic. Partly because Hans Zimmer was on the scoring credit. Cant wait.

Big Hero Six

This will be the first Disney movie featuring Marvel character after its  acquisition back in 2009. Personally im expecting something like Wreck It Ralph sequel featuring X Men but judging from the trailer this looks promising. Heartwarmingly hilarious with engrossing action.

The Interview

James Franco. Seth Rogen, Kim Jong Un and Weapon of Ass Destroyer. That will be enough to describe this movie. If you laugh disgustingly watching This Is The End, this is a must see.

Recommended Readings #2

Happy Tuesday guys. I hope the excess joy from your awesome weekend still lingering in the workplace. My weekend highlights was grabbing Arigato Macaroni in the PopCon Asia yesterday which turns out to be awesome.  For today’s RR, ill share about Guy’s Kawasaki presenting tips, startup & MBA relations, over consumption and yet again Peter Thiel

Guy Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 Presentation Rules

Presenting are the gist of my corporate strategy role. My slides falls into the stereotypical consultant, more than two charts per slides and crowded with sophisticated words. Guy Kawasaki’s rule is the perfect balance to make simpler corporate presentations while not being too over the top hipster like Pecha Kucha.

Jason Freedman’s on Why MBA curriculum makes you suck at startup

For you who plan to pursue master’s degree especially MBA , this is an interesting (or dis-interesting) point of view. Jason Freedman, a Y Combinator alumni and an MBA holder himself, offer a compelling argument of how MBA is a general management course aimed at giant business which is the opposite of what startup truly need.

Brooklyn Accelerator on Breaking addictive culture of fashion consumption

Not-so-breaking news : In the long run, shopping do the opposite of making you happier. This is an easy to digest article on the emotional side of shopping and over consumption. It used fashion as a context, but it can be applied on anything. After reading this, i feel the  need to reflect my mental state thoroughly whenever i got the dying urge to go on a shopping spree.


Peter Thiel’s AMA on Reddit

If youre not familiar with Reddit, r/IAMA is a forum where everyday there will be someone voluntarily asking to be asked anything by reddit users. Due to the massive numbers of highly active  users, a lot of big name has been doing an AMA which includes president of the USA and ISS Astronaut live from space. In this IAMA edition, Peter Thiel answers question about investing, startup and even fashion advice . Heres one of the quotes regarding suits :

in Silicon Valley, wearing a suit in a pitch meeting makes you look like someone who is bad at sales and worse at tech

well, there goes your chance Barney Stinson.

Recommended Readings (RR) is a weekly compilation of  internet articles which is interesting and insightful. No limitation on the topic, as long as it ticks me ill share it with you guys here. Check out the previous RR articles here


Arigato Macaroni

In terms of drawing quality, i think this is the best Indonesian i read so far.

Arigatou Macaroni is a webcomic created by Erfan Fajar from Stellar Labs. It has two main story arcs, the first one is about two little kids from a comic writer parents  : Osei & Yuki and the other one is daily live & love struggle of Rambo, quarter life crisis studio based comic writer. In between these two , theres a lot of one off filler episodes which usually Erfan’s hilariously absurd point of view about a phenomenon or a trend in Jakarta. This format and the style of humor is quite similar to Kar Kerschl’s Abominable Charles Christopher.

Arigato Macaroni

Its funny with a little bit of aaw which can makes you warm inside. Let me repeat again, the drawing quality is the best among Indonesian comic ive ever read so far. One that come close is now discontinued Lima Menit Sebelum Tayang which i just realized came from the same kitchen (Stellar Labs, get your act together and revive Makko!). A really really must read.

Its available on physical format as well. I grabbed one in PopCon and it was 100k well spent. Check out their facebook or mention @erufan on twitter to order Arigato Macaroni deluxe comic edition online.

Arigato Macaroni Webcomic