Keeping Up With The Blogging

Its hard to keep blogging these days

Case in point : this very blog. The last long post i wrote was back in May for my anniversary. Busy is a cliche reason. Not that im occupied with anything to save the world with. Mostly because work stuff, my soon-to-be-announced future plans and the most time sucker of it all : Steam account. Ten bucks worth of Borderland 2 GOTY edition ive got from the sale is such a chore to finish with. A very enjoyable one mind you, recommend it to anyone who has soft spot for RPG & FPS. 

On the other hand, i still love a tingly feel of accomplishment ive got from having my own space with my own thing in the interwebs. Hence i couldnt see my self shutting this blog down. 

So from now on ill take middle ground. I will fill this homey space ive own since 2007 with content. Not so much my writing perhaps but more on share able content i read on the internet. Lets give a praise wordpress share button API for this capability. 

Till we meet again kind strangers!

How did you manage to turn a profit on a business idea without any startup funds?

James Altucher on being product or service company, meaningful insight. Several of my friends in college started a software house / development service company which some ive been involved in  my early carrer. This is very relevant to their condition, to keep providing service, create a killer product or better yet, doing both.

Answer by James Altucher:

When I started my first business, Reset, we had no money, no product, and no employees.

It was just my brother-in-law and me. And we both had full time jobs.

But we knew how to do one thing that nobody else knew how to do back then (1994-5). We knew how to make a website. We knew how to design a website. We knew how to do all the programming that makes a website have more than just graphics on it and actually has some use.

And then we heard that American Express needed a website. Specifically, Page on

And the people American Express had hired knew nothing about the technology behind websites.

So they hired us: for about $250,000.

Then we did Then we did, then And many many other sites.

Then we hired people. Then we did more sites. Record labels, movie studios, startups, and so on.

We hired designers and programmers. Our revenues were growing at least 10-20% a month. We were profitable from day one. Services are always profitable because, god forbid, a client fires you, you can fire the employees. Your only fixed cost is your office rent.

So the way to do it is to start off with services instead of products.

Two points:

A) Every software company started as a services company. Read the history of Oracle, started by Larry Ellison. They were a "database" company. But for the first five years they were in business, in order to "install" their database you had to hire them to install it and they would send in 100s of consultants and "install" it for you.

They had no database then. They were a consulting / service company pretending to be a product company because it was an easier sale and Wall Street would value them higher.

B) My big regret on that first business was not packaging my services into a product. We build a lot of software during our existence that were powerful products. But we just used those products to make our services easier to execute (and enhanced our profits).

We sold the company as a multiple of earnings. Probably the only company in the 90s to do so.

But if we had lost money like everyone else, IPOed as a product company, and then flamed out in 2001, we probably would've made a lot more money.

That said, every month we were in business we grew profits, made our clients and employees happy, and had a fun time. Then we sold and everything turned to hell.

How did you manage to turn a profit on a business idea without any startup funds?

Two Years

Have you ever tried rafting ?

If you havent tried it yet, let me explain what to expect. Rafting mostly done in river, so first youll go to the higher ground for the headwaters. Youll be rafting in a team even if you go alone . If its a canoe, then its gonna be just the two of you. A bit of briefing, safety gears on and off you go down the river in.

So whats so exciting about it ?

The thrill of not knowing what will come up at the next corner. Jumping up and down the boat while getting splashed on your face with occasional woohoo scream. Its a fun and adrenaline-pumping experience while still relatively safe. After few hours, stream are getting calmer and  you reach the bottom of the river. Excitement is done and depends on whether the experience scare the living shit out of you or its an adrenaline soaked fun past time activities, you want to try again.

But heres the thing, if you want to try rafting again most probably you wont go for the same place again. Theres no surprise, no new things hence the thrills are done while the thrills is what you ask for.

Now lets set that aside for a while and compare it to going on a ship.

As you may learn from Pirates of Caribbean, Master & Commander or even One Piece, a  voyage is not a just hobby its a way of life. You and bunch of other crews will go on a boat for a indefinite amount of time, going to unknown territory on a hostile sea. There will be days of unfathomable boredom above the endless ocean. Youll be stuck with the same bunch of people for years and since danger will appear in every corner, youll need to keep learning and adapting to survive.

Conflicts are naturals and guess what, you just cant quit and try going in another boat, ocean or crew instantly. Its a constant adaptation, feedback, acceptance and sacrificing for a greater communal goods.

Its not fun and cheap thrill is not the reason you go in a voyage. It should be bigger than just satisfying some need. It should be bigger than you. Its the promise of a better life or a holy mission just like old imperialism mantra : Gold, Gospel & Glory.

So whats the point im writing all of this ?

so heres the thing : My series of previous relationships can be described as a series of fireworks burst. Started with a sparks, goes up fast , huge explosion and goes down the drain. Couples of short adrenaline induced journey. Taking cue from pretty-face-fueled-rom-coms and love songs, i set certain expectation of a relationship which is all butterfly and poetic.

But just like going in a river rafting, after all thrills all over youll be bored . As time went by, youve known the surprising corners and well, since youve known the corners already theres no thrill and guess what, since youve in for a thrill and youre not getting it anymore, why bother ?

Some existentialism shit right there,

Until one sunny day, Sari comes to my life. What started as incidental encounter in this awesome initative that you need to clink this link eventhough youre just skimming this bloody long articleturns out to be 2 years strong and going romantic journey which is the longest ive been.

From Sari i learned that relationship its a two way thing. You dont come to a relationship, have an expectations and demand something like in a bar. Youre dealing with a human being with needs, hopes and feeling. You need to work and pour your effort into it.

wait,  this supposed to be fun right being in a GF/BF status, like put some cheesy couple pictures in social network ? why sweat things and work ?

It looks pointless…. if you treat relationship as medium to get “fun” only.  What if you had goals in life , an enormous goal which probably gonna take big chunk of your life and its impossible to do it alone. Goals such as “making a family”, ” making the world a better place” or whatever you want to achieve in life. An objective which you know you cant it do it by yourself.

Now in front of you, there another human who cares about you, willing to listen to your ramblings and more importantly has her own goal but still want to  spend time with you even though she can spend those time chasing her own interest with ANY other 7 billions homo sapiens other than you. She is willing to be your partner, in my case her name is Putri Lenggo Sari

In this kind of relationship, you have to work because now you have destination, purpose, an objective. Having a relationship is not the goal now but its a vessel, you have a crew and now you start sailing to your destination, wherever you two decided it will be.

its been a long and inconsistent rant so far, whats your point Ki ?

I write what i want to write man, screw you. This writing is not for you anyway.  This writing is for my 2 years plus partners in ups and downs, Sari. Thank you for staying with me in this ship. I know i started this as a thrill seeking rafting but you know, i realized its such a fool of me if im not taking you in a lifetime voyage.

Ocean ahead of us wont be calm and breeze-fully soothing i know,

There will be ups and downs, disagreement, Krakens, Maelstorms, Chtulus, Flesh-hungry Vikings and Nazguls.

But as weve learned so far, as long as we believe and talk to each other everything will turned out to be alright.

Happy anniversary my dear.

To quote the greatest pirate ever Captain Jack Sparrow :

Lets bring ourselves, the Horizon!



15 Minutes To Madness – Episode 5

15 Minutes To Madness adalah mini podcast berisi musik elektronik yang berisik. Membantu menghentakkan badan mu untuk bangun pagi, sikat gigi dan membuat kerusuhan. Terbit setiap senin pagi… well, diusahakan.

Episode kali ini adalah submission untuk kompetisi bulanan Mix Of The Month di r/beatmatch, subforum DJ di reddit. Semua track di episode ini adalah free download, link dapat dilihat dibawah. Di episode kali ini ada giveaway track dari Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike untuk memperingati 3 juta fans mereka di Facebook, track terbaru dari Vicetone, duo electro dari Toronto Dzeko & Torres dan masih banyak lagi. Check it out

Koprol ke soundcloud ku untuk mendengar lebih banyak lagi musik. Episode baru setiap senin. Subscribe!

Episode 5

Episode 5

Episode 5


Tracks :

1. 00.00 – Vicetone vs Popeska – New Kings ft. Luciana (Extended Mix)
2. 02.00 – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Born Loud – Check This Out ( 3 Million Facebook Fans )
3. 04.18 – Dzeko & Torres ft. Alessia Rio – Galaxy (Save My Soul Vocal Mix)
4. 06.18 – VLXX – Blood
5. 07.55 – Merzo – Lion
6. 10.40 – ZAXX – E.F.R
7. 13.17 – MAKJ – Mad Max

Download :



Picture credit : Ana_Cotta via Compfight cc

Albums of 2013

Secara garis besar, 2013 adalah tahun populernya frasa Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Justin Timberlake kuliah umum tentang betapa kerennya berpakaian formal dengan Suit and Tie dan pada puncaknya kemunculan kembali robot paling terkenal di industri musik Daft Punk.

Menciptakan hype yang sedemikian massive dan juga membuktikan musik elektronik yang laku tidak selalu harus electro house

Albums of 2013

Albums of 2013

Siapalah aku untuk menentukan album yang ditulis disini adalah terbaik di 2013, seperti selayaknya tren list di akhir tahun. Album album dibawah menurutku tidak membosankan untuk didengarkan seluruhnya. Hal yang semakin terancam di penghujung era rekaman fisik dimana penikmat musik lebih suka untuk membeli single hit secara ala carte (Translasi Indonesianya : donlot di 4share)

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15 Minutes To Madness – Episode 3 & 4

15 Minutes To Madness adalah mini podcast berisi musik elektronik yang berisik. Membantu menghentakkan badan mu untuk bangun pagi, sikat gigi dan membuat kerusuhan. Terbit setiap senin pagi… well, diusahakan.

Double rilis untuk kali ini. Episode 3 menampilkan indie producer  ZAXX, remix dari Project 46 dan rilis dari UK based producer Kim Fai. Di Episode 4, rilis dari Syn Cole , protege dari Tim Bergling alias Avicii dan juga roster terbaru label LE7ELS. Diikuti dengan house keras berbumbu hardstyle dari VLXX dan rilis terbaru dari duo produser asal negara pizza, Promised Land.

Episode 3

Episode 4

Sebenarnya lebih prefer untuk upload di soundcloud tetapi karena souncloud memblokir konten yang copyrighted jadi aku upload juga di mixcloud. Untuk mendengarkan lebih banyak musik elektronik keren, subscribe ke mixcloud  dan soundcloud ya guys!. 

Dokumenter Berdansa Bersama Shaggydog

Di satu subforum Reddit  : collecting book is the best hobby because youre collecting the greatest achievement of mans capability of thought. Menurutku ini tidak hanya berlaku untuk buku, tapi juga musik dan film. Membaca quote ini membuatku sedikit lega karena selain makan, pos pengeluaran bulanan terbesarku adalah untuk membeli musik, film dan buku. Menghabiskan uang untuk membeli pencapaian berfikir manusia terdengar sangat justifiable bukan ?

DVD Berdansa Bersama Shaggydog

DVD Berdansa Bersama Shaggydog

Weekend kemarin aku membeli dokumenter Berdansa Bersama Shaggydog (BBS) keluaran Demajors di 347. Semacam sindrom, susah sekali untuk tidak membeli sesuatu ketika keluar dari toko yang menjual musik, buku atau film. Apalagi ini dokumenter band, dua elemen musik dan film dalam satu produk. Dua kali lipat godaannya.

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