An Obituary About Ghani

My day started with a very sad news about a good friend of mine, Ghani Arrasyid. I knew him since high school and we went into the same university albeit different major. It has been so long since the last time i met him in person but we chat in whatsapp a while ago which he gave his wedding invitation. Apparently, the man above already had other plans for him. He passed away yesterday evening in a traffic accident, just a month after he said his marriage vow.

Me and Ghani went into 16th State High School of Surabaya. We were in the same class, 2-8. Back in high school, my first impression of him is he was an awkward introvert nerd. I used to make fun of how he walks. Ghani is a tall guy and he seems like a bit wonky when he move his body. This was even more noticeable in a physical education class where we need to run around the school field.

Ghani Arrasyid
Ghani Arrasyid (25 April 1987 – 13 November 2015)

Another distinctive trait of Ghani is his smile. The kind of awkward smile which bears resemblance to Michael Cera.

I remember one funny moment with Ghani. We were invited to one of our classmate sweet 17 party. The dresscode for the party was white, but Ghani showed up in a jeans and flannel shirt. In a group of whites, Ghani’s going-to-grunge-concert outfit stood out like a sore thumb. His above average height makes it even worse. As a result, he was the number one target for the MC’s for silly games. For an introvert like Ghani, i can see his uncomfortable-ness in that situation but apparently being a good sport as he is, he took it like a man and did

One particular day, our class had an empty hour. You know, the best time of high school when a teacher was absent. I was reading comics or something when i heard someone playing guitar. Since junior high, i was obsessed with Nirvana so when Ghani sang the first verse of Jesus Doesnt Want Me For A Sunbeam i jumped straight of my chair. Holy shit, in the time where typical student in my school was swooning on jazzpop and hiphop, i never knew that there was a soul in my surrounding area which listened to an obscure Nirvana track from their infamous Unplugged In New York album.

From that point, we bonded over music. I never knew behind his nerdy glass, he could play guitar very well.

We talked a lot music especially alternative punk bands. He introduced me to a lot of bands such as Panic At The Disco, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Used, Saosin and his personal favorite Circa Survive. He had an admiration on ex Saosin vocalist Anthony Green which leads him to listen to Green’s subsequent project Circa Survive. I remember he used the artwork Circa Survive debut album On Letting Go as his profile picture in Friendster for a long time.


We didnt talk much again after high school. Even though we both went to Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, but we took different major. I took information system while Ghani went to environmental engineering. We still interacted once in a while over various social media such as Plurk, Twitter, Facebook. He commented on my blog several times and i did the samething over his blogSometimes we also chat on Yahoo Messenger back in the day. We still talk about the same thing, music, alternative punk and other cool stuff in between.

I cant seem to remember when was the last time i met Ghani in person. It was that long time ago. When he invited me to his wedding, i gave an apology because i couldn’t attend his big day. No worries, he said. Your prayer is more than enough, he added. Never did i know that it will be my last interaction with him.

Ghani was taken into heaven 6 PM after a fatal traffic accident in Jombang. He was a newlywed with only a month of marriage miles. He was a good son which took care of his mother when she suffered from serious illness. Also, he was a friend of mine.

Thanks for all the musical influence Ghan. May you had a chance to jam with Kurt Cobain up there.

A Playlist For A Friend

SVCHost hogging memories in Windows 7

Due to annoying problems in windows 7, I spent  several precious hours of my sunday tinkering and problem solving. Its been like forever since the last time i wrote technical stuff in this blog but i believe this issues is quite obscure hence a detailed problem breakdown will be beneficial. Lets get started.

Windows Task Manager_2015-10-25_10-48-27

The Goddamn Problem

I have ASUS Laptop running Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium edition with 4 gigs of RAM. After few minutes of booting, memory consumption goes up to 100% without a single program running. This happened consistently even after several times of rebooting. The whole system slowed down and barely usable up to this point.

Finding The Culprit

  1.  I opened Task Manager > Processes and click Show Processes from All Users. This step was to see the list of all processes which are currently running including internal windows process.
  2. Sort by the amount of memory used. In my case, SVCHOST  process consumed almost 2 gigs of RAM. A big red alert right there.
  3. SVCHOST is a generic placeholder shared by various windows service. I need to go deeper. Still on Task Manager, Right click on SVChost and then Go To Services. This step showed all of the windows services which are using SVCHOST.
  4. I have got the list of the suspect now. Time to do the interrogation phase. I opened windows service panel by clicking Services button on the bottom. Starting from the top, i disable the SVCHOST related services one by one. Everytime a service disabled, i check the impact to the RAM consumption.
  5. Apparently, the one leaking all the memory was Windows Update Service a.k.a WUAUSERV. When i disabled this service, RAM consumption dramatically went down.

The Solution

Having known the exact problem, simple google query apparently showing useful result. Apparently this is a known bug in Windows 7. The detail of the problem can be found hereSolving this problem is just a matter of installing Windows Hotfix.

Windows Update Client for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: July 2015

After installing this update, my laptop was already normal again. Thats all for this post. I hope you guys could find this useful.

Why Ebook Is Not Disruptive (Yet)

One of my favorite strategy blog Stratechery recently has a great piece on ebooks. Apparently in 2015, the sales of physical books in the United States is still going strong while ebook fall down 10 percent. The market share of ebooks also did not grow very much, still steady at 20% for several years. The trend is even more disconcerting  due to the massive sales decline on ebook reader. Having single purpose device such as Kindle are apparently too cumbersome for general population. It is still too early to pull the verdict, but things are not going well for the state of electronic books.

Source: death to stock photos
Source: death to stock photos

This is very interesting because usually the emergence of the electronic media will disrupt the old establishment of physical ones. Case in point, the introduction of itunes and other digital music platform had brought CD sales to its knees. Disruptive Innovation as famously interpreted by Clayton Christensen. So why does this not happen with ebook ?. In the stratechery piece, there are three factors which held the adoption of ebooks: Price, Experience and Modularization.

Reflecting it to my experience as an avid book reader and the market condition in Indonesia, In this post, I will relate some of this drawback factors discussed in stratechery post to my personal experience. I will discuss some of the reasons which makes ebook worth to try and why physical books will still going to be around for the foreseeable future. Continue reading

Berkontribusi Sebagai Alumni

Selasa minggu kemarin, saya kembali ke kampus untuk menemui dosen wali ketika kuliah dulu yang juga menjabat sebagai wakil dekan FTIF, ibu Mahendrawati. Bersama dengan rekan seangkatan yang juga berprofesi sebagai dosen, kami berdiskusi panjang  mulai dari yang ringan (bergosip) sampai hal serius seperti arah perubahan kurikulum baru di jurusan.

Salah satu poin diskusi yang menarik adalah kontribusi alumni. Bu Mahe berpendapat hubungan yang erat antara alumni dan almamater berpotensi besar untuk meningkatkan kualitas pengajaran di kampus. Sebagai contoh ketika jurusan merancang kurikulum baru, feedback alumni dapat digunakan untuk menimbang relevansi materi kuliah dengan dunia kerja. Selain itu, alumni bisa menjadi rujukan mahasiswa mulai dari sekedar menghubungkan dengan dunia industri (untuk internship, magang dsb) atau sekedar memberikan satu dua tips tentang job-seeking. 

Berkontribusi Sebagai Alumni

Problem yang dihadapi adalah availabilitas alumni. Dengan asumsi mayoritas alumni bekerja di Jakarta, dibutuhkan komitmen yang tidak sedikit baik dari sisi biaya maupun waktu untuk mampir ke ITS.

Menurut saya, salah satu solusi membangun koneksi alumni-almamater ditengah hambatan jarak adalah memberikan beberapa opsi keterlibatan dengan variasi tingkat komitmen. Idealnya memang alumni datang ke kampus dan sharing ke mahasiswa atau diskusi dengan dosen. Tetapi dengan memanfaatkan internet dan sosial media, banyak kontribusi yang bisa diberikan tanpa harus berada di tempat.

Berikut beberapa opsi yang bisa dipakai alumni untuk berkontribusi kembali ke almamaternya. Continue reading

RR#10 – Rekomendasi Komik Indonesia

Pekan lalu, Popcon 2015 diselenggarakan di Assembly Hall JCC Senayan selama tiga hari berturut turut. Popcon adalah sebuah konvensi kreatif yang memamerkan karya karya budaya pop Indonesia. Walaupun ditampilkan juga produk kreatif lainnya, Popcon selalu identik dengan komik. Sebagian besar booth di Popcon berisi showcase komik dari seniman dan studio grafis disertai dengan merchandise seperti stiker, kaos dan juga art book. Untuk yang tertarik dengan komik dan karya grafis lainnya, Popcon adalah acara tahunan keren yang wajib untuk didatangi.

Rekomendasi Komik Lokal_small

Berdasar pengalaman mendatangi acara ini dua tahun berturut turut, Popcon semakin ramai dan  karya karya yang di tampilkan disini semakin meningkat baik dari jumlah maupun kualitas. Meskipun dari sisi industri komik lokal belum sebesar karya kreatif lain seperti musik atau film, beberapa komik lokal mempunyai kualitas gambar dan cerita yang bisa dibandingkan dengan komik mainstream amerika (DC, Marvel, Dark Horse) dan juga manga manga dari Jepang.

Berkaca pada besarnya antusiasme dan meningkatnya karya yang dirilis, Popcon 2015 dapat dilihat sebagai sebuah milestone dimana kedepannya industri komik lokal Indonesia akan semakin tumbuh.

Untuk yang belum familiar dengan karya lokal komikus Indonesia, tidak ada waktu yang lebih baik untuk berkenalan selain sekarang. Dibawah ini adalah komik komik Indonesia berkualitas yang saya rekomendasikan untuk dibaca.

Mari kita mulai dari yang pertama Continue reading

Layanan Seluler Untuk Pembangunan

Tulisan ini sebelumnya dipublikasikan di Dibawah ini adalah editan terbaru berdasarkan input proofreading dari Atiek Puspa, Agung Hikmat dan Nauval Atmaja. Beberapa minggu ini kami berempat mengadakan kelompok studi kecil kecilan dengan topik M4D untuk mengisi waktu luang dengan tulisan ini sebagai hasilnya. Beberapa tulisan tentang M4D dan Indonesia (kami harap) akan muncul setelahnya. 

Telepon seluler adalah teknologi modern yang paling banyak diserap masyarakat di dunia. Menurut laporan Global Mobile Economy, di akhir tahun 2014 terdapat 3.6 milyar pengguna layanan seluler. Setengah dari populasi dunia mempunyai akses terhadap teknologi ini dan bertumbuh lima kali lipat dibandingkan 10 tahun yang lalu. Untuk negara-negara berkembang, penetrasi layanan berkisar pada 40%, sementara negara-negara maju mencapai dua kali lipat dari penetrasi layanan negara berkembang. Di masa mendatang, pengguna seluler diperkirakan terus bertumbuh mendekati 5 milyar di akhir tahun 2020 dan didominasi oleh Asia Tenggara dan Afrika.

Layanan Seluler Untuk Pembangunan

Layanan seluler memberikan akses komunikasi luas kepada sebagian besar populasi dunia. Seiring dengan perkembangan teknologi, seluler juga membuka deras arus informasi melalui mobile internet kepada masyarakat yang belum terjangkau oleh infrastruktur kabel. Beberapa hal tersebut membuat seluler menjadi pilihan teknologi yang ideal untuk mendorong proses pembangunan bidang sosial, lingkungan, dan ekonomi. Konsep ini disebut dengan Mobile for Development (M4D) atau layanan seluler untuk pembangunan. Continue reading

Deep Hobby and The Redefinition of Experts

My latest fascination is a book titled The Martian by Andy Weir. The book tells a survival story of Mark Watney, an astronaut accidentally left alone in planet Mars. With limited equipments, Watney need to find a way back home to Earth while constantly surviving in a hostile environment of the red planet. From ion thruster to the spaceship gravity assist, The author referenced a lot space real world exploration technology complete with several brief explanation. Albeit the heavy use of space lingo, The Martian managed to tell very gripping story of struggle and survival.You can still enjoy it even if you dont know anything about space at all.

I personally rate this book as the best fiction ive read so far this year, close to Max Brooks World War Z.


After finishing the book, i was interested to find more information about Andy Weir. In this episode of Youtube talk show hosted by Mythbuster’s Adam Savage, Weir talked about how he got deep understanding about the related science regarding space travels. Surprisingly, Andy Weir is a computer programmer. Space exploration is merely his obsession, something he enjoy reading and digesting at his own spare time. Its amazing because in the video he explained sophisticated concept such as Delta-v in a very casual manner. The trait expected coming from an expert with years of work experience in NASA, not from computer programmer with a space hobby.

This reminds me of another story of Brown Moses.

Pic was taken from here

Elliot Higgins is a highly respected weapons expert and news contributor specializing in Syrian conflict. His report has been cited by no other than Amnesty International and New York Times. Similar to Andy Weir, Higgins had never worked in the area related to weapons or military. In fact,  he has never set foot in Syria. Elliot Higgins is a blogger. He did his weapon research by sitting in his living room, going through thousands of Youtube videos. What started as a hobby has now become his expertise.

Looking at both story of Andy Weir and Elliot Higgins, we see the redefinition of the so-called experts.  As the internet continue to democratize information, more and more knowledge are no longer confined in the walls of academia professional body. Given enough hours and dedication, an obsessive hobbyist can have the same (or even better) credentials with scholars and professionals.

These two may be exceptions and cant be considered as a phenomenon yet but im curious of what happens if we see more and more example like these. To some extent, work experience and academic degree might be replaced by blog posts or other creative proof of expertise. Parents will probably put their children’s hobby as important as their formal education.

Moreover, people will be deemed expert by the quality of their work rather than their academic or professional background.