Have online music subscriptions like Spotify commoditized music to the point where people don’t want to spend any money on it?

Great explanation of what is the impact of growing music streaming services to the overall music industries

Answer by Mattias Petter Johansson:

Disclaimer: I work at Spotify (not PR, I'm a developer).

Spotify is growing while downloads and physical sales are shrinking, so the knee-jerk reaction is to blame Spotify for "cannibalizing" them. But the problem with that reasoning is that downloads are dropping just as quickly in markets where Spotify doesn’t exist. Canada, where we only just recently launched, is a great example, because it has a mature music market very similar to the US.

I really think the notion that we "cheapen" music is ludicrous. Spotify has a rapidly growing base of 12.5 million paying premium users – people paying 120 bucks per year, 69% of which is paid to whomever owns the music.

This is twice what the average paying US music listener spends!

I'd also like to point out that a very big chunk of our premium users are under 26 – i.e. they are part of what was labeled "generation free" – people with abundant access to pirated material as they grew up. It was said that these kids would never pay for music.

Yes, Spotify does have a free-forever account type, but that is our not-so-secret sauce to driving premium subscriptions. No free, no paid – 80% of our premium users start out as free users. We've learned that a paltry time-limited trial just is not enough to make premium users – people need a lot of time with a service before deciding to pay for it, and need to know that their playlists will not be held hostage if the monthly credit card charge bounces.

Have online music subscriptions like Spotify commoditized music to the point where people don't want to spend any money on it?

Five things to do in college to make you job-ready

In his recent article called Sarjana Kertas  (Paper Graduates), Prof Rhenald Khasali raised concerns about fresh graduates who only relies on their degree papers without having the right skill and mentality to survive in a working environment. Current trend of hiring through management trainee programs indicates wide gap between academics and professional world. When students graduated from university, employer doesn’t see them as job-ready but more train-ready. Company has to educate freshgrads with work ethics, culture, softskill, etc just to make them fit for entry level job.


Looking back at  my university times, i agree about the gap but theres a lot of ways to shorten it and all of it are within the college environment itself. Unaware students, who thinks college works the same as school, generally will only focusing on having good grades without doing anything else and become the definition of Sarjana Kertas. On the other hand, competent students taking extra miles beyond their studies and ramp up better value once they enter the job market.

Based on my personal experience, these are several things you can do while in college to shape you into job-ready graduates.

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SPEX2 Award 2014

Coincidental with the news storm about sudden increase of subsidized petrol, I had a great night at Kempinski Ballroom. XL Corporate Strategy, my team, invited again in this year SPEX2 awarding night. SPEX2 stands for Strategy Performance Execution Excellence (SPEX2) Award. As the name implies, its an appreciation for companies who had managed to show great execution in their strategies. This year weve won Best Strategy in Telco (concecutively since last year) and Best Strategy Officer for my boss Ferry Suryana.

Delicious food, great event and a photo session with Pak Hasnul at the end. Perks of having an awesome job with super smart team mates.



That awkward moment when your face shows up on the big screen

That awkward moment when your face shows up on the big screen


Ferry Suryana as the best strategy officer across industries

Awww yeeaaah

Awww yeeaaah

XL Corpstrat with Pak Hasnul

XL Corpstrat with Pak Hasnul

Leaked Footage, is it a Marketing Strategy?

Kiki Ahmadi:

Great insights on leaked footage as a marketing method from my friend Yasaka, Southampton master candidates on digital marketing.

Originally posted on yasaontheweb:

Recently, we heard about The Avengers Age of Ultron trailer that leaked online. The low resolution leaked video, which is taken by camera phone, went viral very fast. Due to the incident, Marvel reacted quickly by releasing the official version of trailer almost a week early before the actual plan (Marvel planned to show the trailer during ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on October, 28th 2014). Marvel Entertainment acknowledged the leak via a tweet “Dammit, Hydra.” to its almost 2 million followers.

Leaked footage is not only happened in movie industry, but also in game and technology industry. We’ve heard about the leaked footage of iPhone 6, Grand Theft Auto V (games), and even new version of Instagram. Leaked footage always associated as a loss for brand. It tells competitors about their products so they can copy or making a better one, and simply ruins the surprise elements of…

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This whole article are written with Sophie Ellis Bextor – The Deer and The Wolf  playing in the background.

Lets settle this once and for all.

Theres one thing about you that annoys me a lot. Well, one among lot of other thing . If i have spare time ill write it down in a list and sort it alphabetically. I can add “Frequency” and “Annoying degree”  to make a crisp scatter plot ouf of it.

But, right now i will be focusing on one.

We were having a nice dinner, i hold your hand everything was perfect and then suddenly you said  : “Sayang aku nggak ?”. Well, my dear Im not putting ring in someone’s finger just because they’re interesting. But then, a follow up will come : Why ?.

Boom. This is what i called the Reasons Question.

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Soundsfair 2014

Last weekend i went to the maiden event of Java Soundsfair 2014. The three day event featured with international artist such as the queen murderer of the dance floor, Sophie Ellis Baxtor, Skapara a.k.a Tokyo Ska Paradise, Asian Dub Foundation. Local musician was represented by the likes of Tulus, Maliq & D’essentials, The SIGIT , Mocca and Demajor’s gang such as Sore, The Brandals , Leonardo and the impeccable six and many more. Held in the main halls of JCC, It has staggeringly 9 stages with almost 30 bands playing each day.

j a n u a r y

Coming from the organizers who delivered Java Jazz, Java Rockinland and Java Soulnation, Soundsfair was touted as “mind-blowing modern entertainment at its best for young, urban, modern and creative people”.  The concept was unclear for me. Lots of unheard of bands, the rock line up that wasnt really hard enough  and theres also a small indoor dance stage set up like a club hazing with cigarette smoke (goddammit you ignorant people). Hipster maybe the word to summarize the concept of this year Soundsfair.

It was still fun nonetheless due to the performance of several amazing artist. So here are my highlights of Java Soundsfair 2014 from attending two out of three days.

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Recommended Readings #5

Mid of the week  on the mid of the October already.  Jakarta weather are starting to get wet and the accompanying trend of sore throat will soon follow. I got mine already. So i hope you guys stay healthy and heres this week recommended readings to make your day more positive

. RR5

Drake Ballew on Lesson from the rise of Tao Bao

Unless youre living under totally disconnected rock, youve probably heard about the Chinese e-commerce titan Jack Ma. Especially after record breaking Alibaba’s IPO. In this post, Drake Ballew tells the story about how Jack Ma’s Tao Bao beat eBay and whats the lesson that can be learn. As a compliment to this article, i suggest to watch this talk by Jack several years ago. He gave enlighting yet incredibly honest speech.

Sacha Greif on Lesson learned from making projects open source

I associated open source development with all things positive and full of selfless contributor.  But is it always like that ?. Sacha Greif is a developer of Telescope, an open source Hacker News-type app built with the Meteor JavaScript framework. After 2 years of founding, developing and becoming BDFL for Telescope, she learnt that creating an open source apps actually a lot harder than making it close. The article is very personal and highlights challenges in open source development which are not widely known.

Slate on What happen when companies opens up their salaries information

Buffer, an application to simply manage multiple social media account, made a daring move to open up their whole salary structure to the public. Employees is able to know how much their colleague or boss makes. With current norm of treating salary as a very private matter, does this move brings good impact to buffer ? Apparently it is.

Canva’s tutorial on Font pairing

As i wrote previously, great thing about Canva is they put easy to follow tutorial like this for creating professional design in an easy way. Check out this one on font pairing.

Paul Graham on Before the startup

YC founder Paul Graham breaks down in detail several things you need to know before starting a startup.  Apparently, startup is one thing in life that you will do better if you don’t follow your instinct.  This topic is also delivered in the YC How to start a startup class in Stanford hence you can watch the video here.