Good Albums #2

 Wu Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow


Sounds like : Old skool hardcore hiphop, now with more live instruments
Must listen tracks : Ruckus in a B minor, A Better Tomorrow, Ron O Neal
Recommendation : Listen now while youre reading this blog post. Go listen!

The legendary hip hop collective is back with new materials and once again it served as proof that they really aint nothing to fuck with. After 7 years without a release, Wu Tang Clan gathered again and came back hard with A Better Tomorrow.

Uplifting and fresh, A Better Tomorrow is the reason why i immediately want to write this blog post.

Several reasons why i think this release is solid. First, most of the track was using live instrument kinda like The Roots or Jay Z’s Death Of Autotune. I like this style of hip hop, sounds more organic and give my ear refreshing break in the era of rampant trap style drum machine. The next one is obvious, lyrics and flow. Combination of bad ass self braggadocio in Ruckus in B Minorand critics to the oppression of African American in A Better Tomorrow. Couldnt be more relevant in the lights what happened to Michael Brown and Eric Garner recently.

All in all, Killa Beez is in town to prove once again that they are still number one, still number one one one.

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Recommended Readings #8

Recommended Readings 8

FastCo on Tom Delonge’s Modlife

Tom Delonge is no strager to entrepreneurship. Back in the day when he was running naked together with his bandmates, Tom succesfully founded two worldwide clothing brand Atticus and Macbeth Footwear. Back when record sales hasnt plummeted down yet, He succesfully made his band merchandise can even be bigger than the band itself. In his newest venture Modlife, Tom spreaded wings to not just clothing. Read this FastCo article to know more about Modlife.

Aulia Masna on Indonesian LTE and IPhone

Responding to XL LTE public testing back in October, Telkomsel launched the first commercial LTE services in Indonesia. But apparently subscriber who used Iphones and Ipads are not yet able to access the services due to certification restriction and spectrum incompatibility. Ex-Daily Social editor, Aulia Masna explain in details regarding these issues.

John Pavlus on Data Verbalization

FastCo and MIT Technology review contributor John Pavlus underlined problems with most data visualization dashboard : looks great but didnt make decision making easier. To tackle this problem, John suggest to consider verbalizing the data. Instead of sophisticated chart, data should be presented in narrative sentences to make it more actionable. The dashboard should tell you the information rather than showing.

Smashing Magazine on What is UX

This is comprehensive yet palatable explanation on UX. It covers from basic definition on UX, explanation of all the UX lingo ( such as A/B Testing, wireframing) and also industry standard tools for UX design. Bookmark this article if you interested in web or design in general.

Recommended Readings (RR) is a weekly compilation of  internet articles which is interesting and insightful. No limitation on the topic, as long as it ticks me ill share it with you guys here. Check out the previous RR articles here

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Recommended Readings #7

 Recommended Readings 7

Aaron Levie on MIT Technology Review

Aaron Levie is an outlier within the outlier. He was the founder of Box, cloud storage similar to Dropbox but targeting more on corporate. When nowadays startup founder is associated with hoodie, hes more corporate suit guy.  The article describe his upbringing, the pivotal story of Box and why he thinks enterprise software market  is a ripe place for disruption. Watch also his lecture on Sam Altman’s Startup Class where he gave in depth talk about developing for enterprise. Hes quite funny.

The Right Way To Ask For Apps Review

I never gave app review, not even once. I think the review pop up just annoying and break the experience of using the apps. Apparently there is a better way to do this and an news reading app Circa nailed that. Great read on how to design less intrusive UX and also a bit of insight why customer reviews matters in a mobile application.

Mashable’s History Of Reddit

I am among the 174 million people who use Reddit in daily basis. In fact, i kinda addicted to it. The site was productivity blackhole with lots and lots user generated contents to sift through from daily game deals , interviews with all sort of people and tons of other things. Mashable recently published long feature article describing 9 years saga of how Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman created the now called internet frontpage.

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Gig Pics

Looking at my camera memory card last night, i realized there are several untransferred pics from various gigs that i attend in the past years. I posted here so it didnt become digital leftovers. Photos are presented in reverse chronological order.



This is from last year’s JavaRockinland frontest row. My first Sore show and somehow it rolled around like a snowball. Up until today, Sore is the band ive watched the most. Somehow.

Efek Rumah Kaca


There are no shame if you watch ERK and cried in the middle of Hilang. Once they come to the part where names of kidnapped activist is announced one by one, all the chill in the world will creep out behind your neck.

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Good Albums #1 : 2014 Releases

Good Albums_small

I am very passionate about music. I listened to new albums from various genre almost every week and every time i found great releases, my finger itches to immediately write reviews. Good albums is the manifestation of that itch. To make it easy to organize, ill post albums review here

This week, my Winamp playlist is dominated by 2014 recent releases. Lets start with the first one.

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Why do I always feel like I’m too late for all the startup trends? How can I be at the front of the trends, executing?

Tech evangelist and blogger Robert Scoble shared his answer how to always keep up with the superfast technology trends. His facebook list is amazing.

Answer by Robert Scoble:

Here's how I stay ahead of the technology trends:

  1. Study the money. Investors see everything before other groups. So, watch what they talk about. I built a Facebook list of investors here:…
  2. Study the startups themselves. Startups often tell you what they are seeing. Also, they brag about partnerships, growth, etc. That will let you see new trends before other people see them. I built a Facebook list of 1,900 startups here:…
  3. Study the programming tools. When a new tool comes along, it often predicts what kinds of technologies will be built in the future. I built a Facebook list of stuff for programmers here:…
  4. Study the journalists. If you watch the journalists who cover tech, you can often see tech trends before others do who don't follow the news that closely. I built a Facebook list of journalists here:…

Some other things I do:

  1. Network face-to-face. I'm in London right now and later today will meet with entrepreneurs and coworkers at Rackspace to learn about what they are building, seeing. Last week I visited Autodesk and Flipboard and talked with their execs. Autodesk showed me how big a deal 3D printing is becoming. Flipboard showed me new curation models and discussed the changing roles of social media in contextual software (I'm writing a book about that).
  2. Visit University labs. I saw self-driving cars in 2007 at Stanford University, for instance, and interviewed the guy who built the algorithms for what became the Google car.
  3. Visit research labs. I regularly visit SRI (where Siri and the mouse were invented), IBM Research (where the hard drive was invented, they currently are working on new storage techniques and new batteries), and Microsoft Research. They often know about and are working on trends five to 15 years out. SRI showed off the mouse and Windows in late 1960s and it wasn't until the Macintosh in 1984 that we could buy those technologies.
  4. Watch TED videos. TED tries to identify trends before anyone else and get the world's leading experts on those trends to give talks about them.
  5. Follow tech trends and topics on Quora. Quora is a great place to see what's happening. I am following about 100 topics (no people) and it's a great way to see what interests people in the tech world.

Hope that helps you stay current on trends. I've also built lists of tech executives and tech entrepreneurs over on Facebook that I will be sharing soon. Why Facebook? Because I can build lists of more than 500 things and share them with you (I can't do that on Twitter or Google+).

I have two other lists that are also helpful:

  1. Tech VIPs. This is a list of people who have done extraordinary things in the tech industry. They often see trends before others.…
  2. Big tech companies. Big tech companies often see trends and act on them. Here's a list of big tech companies:…

Why do I always feel like I’m too late for all the startup trends? How can I be at the front of the trends, executing?

Jakarta Downpour

Jakarta Downpour

It is already wet season again in big durian. The season where in the midst of rainfall, the probability of finding a taxi is lower than the probability of meeting your love life. Click below to listen to my list of rain friendly house tracks. Have yourself an enjoyable weekend!

Jakarta Downpour on Mixcloud


  1. Slipknot (Original Mix) – Robert Owens, Tube & Berger
  3. Wake Me Up (Pang Remix) – Avicii
  4. Nothing Really Matters (Kahikko and Jespr Remix) – Mr. Probz
  5. Piano Weapon [Instrumental]- Shadow Child feat. Doorly
  6. Changes (Original Mix) – Pnau, Faul & Wad Ad
  7. All of Me (De Hofnar Bootleg) – John Legend
  8. The La La La Remix – Gamper & Dadoni

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Occasionally, I DJ under moniker : Madkicks. Check out all of my mixtape at Mixcloud