Book Club #1

Have you heard about how Mark Zuckerberg crowdsourced his 2015 resolution? it was pretty cool. After bombarded by thousand of ideas such as releasing hip hop albums or planting trees for every facebook user, Mark Z chose to read new book every month. Surprisingly his resolution got so popular, every book that in Mark’s reading list become instant best seller.

I love books. Seeing Zuckerberg being the newest authority on book reviews tickled me to write my own version of this. So heres the first post of Book Club, a yet another column in my blog where i write about interesting books that i recommend.

Book Club #1

Heres the thing, according to Kemdiknas only 1 out of 1000 Indonesians have serious interest in reading. Im not aiming to achieve the same gravitas as Mark Z but if i can make a person read one new book, thats already count as my personal achievement.

Books are awesome, lets make more people read good books. Here we go

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What are the best ways to answer the question “tell me something about yourself”?

This is an amazing answer how to structure your life story

Answer by A Quora admin:

If you are asked this question at the beginning of an interview ("tell me about yourself" or "walk me through your background") you should give a brief response that flows like a story. It should be the story of why you want the job you are interviewing for, and how your education and experiences have prepared you for it. 

Some tips…

1. Keep it brief – keep your story to 5 minutes or less.  You don't want to take over the interview so that the person on the other end doesn't have time to ask you the things they want to talk about.  Also, unless your story is super interesting and full of twist and turns, it can get a little boring (and not relevant).

2. Connect the dots - Make sure the way that you describe your different experiences build on each other in some way.  "I did X because of Y and then based on what I learned there, I knew I wanted to do Z, so…"  This might even change with each job you are applying for. Here's an example below:

3. Tailor your story to the jobTailor it to the job – You probably have lots of different elements to “your story” that you can speak to because you’ve likely done many things in your life and won’t be able to address all of them in a 5 minute run-through.  Think about the job you are interviewing for and what pieces of your story make the most sense to tell.

(the image below illustrates points 2 and 3 using an example of a "publicist job" – the parts in the boxes are parts that won't make it into the story in this particular example)

4. Proactively address anything “negative” – There are certain things that can be perceived as negative may not be.  If you have large gaps in between jobs or had a particularly short stint at a company, go ahead and address that up front.  Not mentioning it will just make an interviewer have “open questions”.

5. Wrap it up by speaking to the current moment – End your story in the present – i.e. "…And this is why I was looking for jobs in the XXX world. When I started learning more about X Company, I knew it would be a great place for me to apply because of X, Y, and Z.”  You may have other times in the interview to prove you were thoughtful in applying but why not say it here?  It’s a great way to end your answer.

What are the best ways to answer the question "tell me something about yourself"?

Not Your Usual Korean Music

Several weekends ago me and fiancee tried a Korean food joint called Mujigae. In that restaurant, while eating you will be blasted by non-stop Korean music video clips. I spent like an hour and half in the resto so that maybe like 30 ish songs. I realized that all of the songs ive heard sounds pretty much the same. Just like the facial features of Girls Generation’s member, i cannot recognized the difference from one to the other. Its all boys or girlsband dancing synchronously , singing pop vocals over dance beats. Superficial and manufactured.


As a staunch believer in music pluralist, I believe theres always good music in every genre. Case in point : Have you heard about Hindi Progressive Rock.  Just for the sake of it, i started digging Korean music in Youtube in hope to find quality and non-formulaic Korean music. I found one in peculiar place which is in the most controversial movie this year, The Interview. The movie was in yet another controversy due to unlicensed use of one of the song, Pay Day by Yoon Mi Rae.

Well, i kinda glad that happened because i would never know Yoon Mi Rae . If you havent heard about her as well, youre in for a treat.

Yoon Mi Rae a.k.a Tasha is a half African American and half korean. She is regarded as the queen of korean hiphop. In Black Happiness video above, she rapped about being bullied because of her mixed identities. Man, thats a real gangsta conscious rap shit. Her husband, Tiger Jk is also hip hop musician. Together they formed hip hop collective My Fans are Better Than Yours (MFBTY) which sounds more EDM-ish. I prefer her old solo works which is more boombap style hiphop but some of the new song such as Sweet Dream is quite catchy.

Heres my personal pick of Yoon Mi Rae music that you should really check out

  1. Black Happiness
  2. Pay Day (The Interview Soundtrack)
  3. Memories ( Her classic works in an old skool R&B style rap)
  4. Get it in ( “Youre just another bug in my windshield!”)
  5. Sweet Dreams (with MFBTY)

Being a little bit open mind, i found my Korean music jam thats not fake and boring. Man, i love good music.

State of Indonesian LTE 2014

LTE has become tech lingo of the town in Indonesia recently. Two major mobile operator launched commercial LTE services in less than three weeks span from each other. In the midst of this hype, i have been asked LTE 101 questions several times by my friends. Ive been involved in LTE strategy development for the past months so ive learned one or two things about this stuff. For my personal notes and time-saver when the question arise again, ill summarize my knowledge in a form of FAQs.

State of Indonesian LTE

Little bit of disclaimer before jumping into the post. I am currently working in one of the mobile operator that will be discussed in this piece. This article is a personal opinion of mine and do not necessarily represents the stance of my employer

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Steam Winter Sales

Ive made regrettable mistake this morning. Yesterday i bought GTA IV for 60k IDR. Today the price dropped to 40k. 20k decrease in a single night. Apparently, wallet crushing game fiesta a.k.a Steam Winter Sales is already started.

Steam Winter Sales

In order not to repeat my mistake and make the best bang for your bucks in this bi-annual event, go to GameDeals subredditBrace your credit card, winter is coming!.

PC gamer ? add me on steam : madkicks and lets play together

Books are awesome

I am currently reading Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness for the second time. Bought it years ago and it has been gathering dust in my cubicle. Decided to pick it up again after i finished reading The Everything Store. It is a very good book about chronicles of Jeff Bezos and  Amazon. Zappos was mentioned several times and makes me want to reread Tony’s book again.


Surprisingly, i found a lot of things in the book that i didnt catch at the first read through. Knowledge bits about ecommerce, startup and company culture which im pretty sure never knew it beforehand. As if im reading a completely new book.

Im quite positive this is not symptom of Alzheimer, so how can this happened ? Several seconds later, a realization hits me in the head.

I bought the book somewhere in 2011. At that time, i just made a career move from IT ( which i lived and breathe since college) and to a whole new territory of Corporate Strategy. Business and marketing was a strange thing to me, let alone stuff like venture capital, startup and company culture. Within that context, my takeaway in the first read through of this book were : Tony Hsieh seems like a great guy to have a drink with and Zappos is a peculiar company who obsessed with customer service.

Fast forward to now, Ive learned quite a lot about the related topic in Delivering Happiness book. Ive digested several books related to tech startup such as Zero To One by Peter Thiel and The Launchpad by Randal Stross. Binge-watch the whole season of Sam Altman’s How To Start a Startup . Ive also involved in the initial development of Elevenia which taught me a lot about e-commerce and it was one of the most exciting projects ive ever worked.

This is why the second read through of the same book give me different experience. I have a neccesary knowledge to reveal information which i didnt get before

Great books are awesome like that. It has layer and layer of knowledge which makes it not enough to just read it once.

When I was a child I ate a lot of food. Most of it is long gone and forgotten, but certainly some of it became my very bones and flesh. Think of reading as the same thing for the mind .

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