W-Day Playlist

This is my first post written with a ring in my hand. I left my single life behind around a month ago when i said my vow and took this lady as my beautiful wife. We had our modest reception party in a hall inside government office in Kalibata which was festive, fun and much much more joyful than me and Sari had ever imagined before.

W-Day Playlist 2

Speaking of reception, I had a silly pet peeves about this. Far too many reception that i attend had the same song played over and over again, usually its Bubble’s cover of L.O.V.E, Diana Ross’s Endless Love or Shania Twain’s From This Moment.  Theres tons of other beautiful love song out there, this repetitive trend needs to change.

Hence one thing on the top of my wishlist for wedding reception is to pick, plug and play my own song. Im going to stand straight for two hours anyway, might as well do it with some music that i enjoy.

That and also i cant afford live band. Freakin expensive man.

Here are several songs i picked to be the soundtrack of my W-day. Lets start with the first one

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The Wedding Season

Theres a lot of thing in the world that i dont know, a lot of things like what can we do to stop global warming, is alien exist atau berapa harga mie instan hangat di Vladivostok (if there is any). Dan lately bertambah lagi satu pertanyaan yang sampai saat ini belum dapat aku jawab which is What happen with November ? . Bukan karena ada peristiwa buruk atau bagaimana, bahkan sebaliknya theres a lot of this special events happened in this month. Yes, im talking about a wedding, i realized that so many of my friends being unsingle this month. Seringkali ketika aku membuka FB, ada saja orang yang kukenal mengumumkan berita bahagia mereka. Which is so amusing and intriguing at the same time, what is it with this month.

Tapi bukan berarti aku tidak ikut bahagia ya dengan rentetan undangan pernikahan yang datang. I am very happy for my friends, aku selalu berpendapat bahwa berani menikah di usia muda adalah one of the sign of a real man. Jadi dirimu bukan real man dong ki ? no, im an Intergalactic President Kiki Ahmadi McAwesome. I just feel that its not my time yet dan lagi belum ada yang bisa memberikanku alasan logis (or make me thinks illogically) kenapa aku harus melompat ke just-married speed train to happily everafter .The best answer i can give kalau ada sesorang yang dengan niatan baik (atau sarkastik) bertanya padaku when is my turn, i will give my dry smile, rub the back of my head and said “err i dunno, havent think about it yet..*grin”

At the end of this post, i want to say happy marriage for my senior/mentor at ITS Mas Nisfu Asrul Sani, my high school friend Gilar Angguni, ex colleague/ temen satu fakultas Dommy Asfiandi, temen satu fakultas / pemandu Ariana Yunita dan my first desk mate in SMA 16 Raditya Hari Nugraha. And also happy engagement for my colleague at Celcom, Mohd Johan Taufik.

Still the answer not coming yet, why november everyone ? did i miss the wedding season announcement for this year or something ?.