Basic vs Applied Research

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Research by definition is a creative activity to produce knowledge. By characteristics, research can be divided into two categories : basic and applied.

Research type.png
Characteristics of both type of research

In short, basic research is curiosity driven activity to produce science while applied research is a problem solving activities to come up with new technology.

Classical view on science and technology relationship

In the old fashioned view, science came before technology. Basic research increase the stock of science in the society which in turns becomes the fuel of applied research activities. Technology is an application of science hence basic research need to be prioritized first.


Relationship model on the classical view

The prominent supporter of this view is inventor, engineer and former head of US Office of Scientific Research and Development  Vannevar Bush. After world war 2, Bush advocated the importance of funding basic research. In his report to the president titled Science The Endless Frontier, Bush argued that basic research increase the nation’s scientific capital, drive technological progress which in turns improve the nation’s competitiveness in world trade.

The entire Vannevar Bush report to the President can be read here Continue reading “Basic vs Applied Research”

Y Combinator Class at Stanford

Once this course is out youtube , ill subscribe the shit out of it for sure.

Syllabus [How to Start a Startup] - Google Docs - Google Chrome_2014-09-18_10-30-50

Peter Thiel, Marc Andressen, Marissa Meyer and other silicon valey icons will teach in class at Stanford. It will be part of a semester long course How to Start a Startup course at Standford which will be headed by Sam Altman, Y Combinator CEO . This could possibly be the most expensive course by the accumulation of its teacher’s net worth. What makes it even better for a non-stanford population like us, all the course will be available online in Youtube.

This idea should be spread to our universities here in Indonesia starting from their own alumni. Im sure were not lacking of successful people who wants go give back to their almamater.  Using the same model, one lecture can be filled by 10-15 people. Each will only teach one class in a semester for 2 – 3 hour. Quite feasible to accommodate even the busiest speaker.

This is great yet simple idea which can do wonder to further bridge our industry with academia.

Read more about this on recode article below :

Y Combinator Releases Its Curriculum as a Stanford Class — And Online