Trekking at Coban Rondo Hill

Coban Rondo, a javanese language which the direct translation of it is Widow Waterfall. Eventhough theres a waterfall on its name, Coban Rondo refers to an eco tourims place not very far from Malang, East Java. At that place not only you can see the beautiful waterfall (obviously), Coban Rondo also a good place for trekking (again, obviously), camping or enjoying cold nature breeze. I guess its a bit late, but couple months ago i went trekking here while i was in Indonesia and heres my travel log for that.

Lets go trekking


Coban rondo is located 30 km from Malang, about 45 minutes drive all the way up the hill to the Batu direction. I never know any public transport to go there, usually i go there by driving either car or motorcycle.  The road going there is quite straight forward, drive up to the hill, pass the Batu city square ( a park with the big apple statue), go up again curvy slope of Payung area until reach the cow statue.  The cow is actually represents Batu city which well known for its fresh milk product. Turn left on the cow statue and thou shalt arriveth at Coban Rondo.

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