TEDx Jakarta 2012

Five minutes.

Have you ever wondered what can you accomplished in five minutes ?  As of now there is a bowl of cereal next to my laptop, i couldnt pictured myself finished that (while still look civilized) in 5 . TEDx Jakarta on the other hand, sold 400 of its seat in, insert a dramatic pause here , less than five minutes.

Faster-than-a-motherfucker ticket sold out stirred the emotion of the twitterland twitizens, adding the hype of this annual event. Wailing, rants, amazement of the disappointed ticket hunters colored Indonesian timeline so much its near impossible (if you have twitter) to not wonder what is this TEDx Jakarta all about (if you didnt know it before).

This year TEDxJakarta has became too big for its own good.

Andreas Prasadja on Healthy Sleep

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TEDx Jakarta 2011

Have you known TED? not the Mosby one but TED as in Technology, Entertainment and Design. You should click the link on previous sentence if you didnt know what TED im talking about, seriously. Especially if you enjoy watching inspiring people sharing innovative ideas. TED is actually an ideas sharing conference which features people like Bill Gates, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and many other high profile figures giving concise presentation on various topics. It will cost you about 6000 USD for the ticket but afraid not my friend, all the presentation video can be viewed online for free.

Cross gender dance performance by Didik Nini Thowok

Last weekend, i went to TEDx Jakarta 2011 at Jakarta International School (JIS), Pondok Indah. TEDx is a franchise of TED conference which held independently by the local commitee. The event had already generated quite a buzz among Indonesian twitter users since weeks before. The Jakartans enthusiasm for fresh ideas solidly proven when the online registration for TEDx Jakarta opened, only took 30 minutes to fill the participant quota and force TEDx commitee to close the registration form. My decision to register as early as possible turns out to be a good one, a lot of people was as excited as me.

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