Switchfoot live in KL

You guys know switchfoot ? no ? ok then no need to feel bad, most of my friends also the same. Thats why when they came and held a concert here in KL, i had to go solo cos nobody knew Switchfoot *forever alone face. Anyway, let met tell you a lil bit of Switchfoor in this post if you dont know about this awesome band. For starters, ill give you a spoiler : They sound friggin awesome live! :).

Switchfoot rockin Kuala Lumpur

Meet switchfoot, 5 piece band from San Diego, USA. Their genre is more on Alternative rock, some of the media categorized them as Christian Rock because their previous label Re:Think was associated with CCM , a gospel label. Getting their famous break after a movie A Walk to Remember which featured their singles such as Dare You To Move, Learning to Breathe and Only Hope. You know the movies right ? the one who introduce us to the innocent face of Mandy Moore ?. You probably think that Only Hope is Mandy’s song, because that was the song who rocketed her as a singer also. Only Hope is written by Jon Foreman and included in their second album The New Way to Be Human.

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