Loksado : South Kalimantan Bamboo Rafting

Ive never ever heard this place before actually stumbling in there. It has very limited entry in Indonesian version of Wikipedia and doesnt even listed in Google Maps. The great experience ive had in this remote place plus the lack of information of it in the internet, give me the urge to create this post. This place is called Loksado and here is the story.

Loksado Bamboo Rafting


Loksado is off-the-beaten-path village located in the South Kalimantan province, upper side of beautiful archipelago cum my home country Indonesia.  In the province, there are other spot which gets more touristy spotlight which is Banjarmasin (the big city) and Martapura ( famous for its diamonds) . Not many souls know that in Loksado, you can get the awesome experience of bamboo rafting or as the locals said “Balanting Paring”. Cruising down to the river stream through the thick of Dayak’s forest is something that not to be missed.

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