On Travelling Alone

‘the only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes’ – Marcel Proust

For some people, the ideas of going alone (for fun) to a new place is quite ridiculous.   I often got strange looks when i told my friend  how awesome some movie i watched and i went solo for that. Its just a cinema, let alone to the foreign land miles away from home. For some people (or should i say most) travelling alone is too risky, lonesome or my personal favorite : proof that youre a freak who dont have a friend to go to.

I did solo travelling 3 times so far. Start gradually from  Jogjakarta, do some confidence test in Singapore and the last one i brace myself to explore Macau & Hongkong. Not that i dont like to be accompanied with, but i take solo travelling as one of my life challenge. I gain a lot from that, not just the good memories but also learning and improvement , mostly self confidence.

What i will write below is some benefits i got from my lone adventure, hope that this can convince you and everybody to experience it as well . For a start, read this good post on why you should go solo.

Changi Airport super economic hostel a.k.a waiting room

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