Pivot di Saat Pandemi

Ini adalah masa paling menantang yang saya hadapi sepanjang hidup. Tidak pernah terpikir bahwa selama hampir satu bulan setengah berjalan, kita semua tidak bisa keluar rumah. Virus corona membuat hampir semua kegiatan ekonomi yang bergantung dari interaksi orang ke orang menjadi terhenti. Beberapa industri sudah mulai kolaps : pariwisata, musik, event, transportasi. Selain itu, ekonomi secara general melambat drastis hanya dalam waktu 2 bulan sehingga gelombang layoff mulai terjadi. Yang masih beruntung untuk digaji, menatap hari besok dengan tidak pasti sebari menghitung tabungan.

woman in black framed eyeglasses using laptop computer
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Seperti sabda Darwin, yang bertahan adalah yang paling beradaptasi. Survivabilitas di tahun 2020, sepertinya bergantung seberapa cepat kita pivot dengan kondisi corona ini baik secara professional di kantor maupun secara personal.

Selama sebulan ini, saya banyak mengkonsumsi video, artikel dan podcast terkait efek corona terhadap bisnis dan bagaimana mencari sumber pendapatan baru. Berikut beberapa diantaranya. Kalau ada referensi materi bagus dari teman teman, boleh loh di tulis di komen atau mention saya di twitter dan instagram @kikiahmadi. Akan saya update ketika mendapat referensi baru.

Lets survive together.

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Indonesia Fintech Industry Updates #3

OCBC Become The First Bank in South East Asia To Open Public API

Singapore-based bank OCBC made an interesting digital move just recently. The bank embraced the fintech wave by officially opening their internal data to be used as public API services called Connect2OCBC. This move is the first one in the region and no banks has ever done this before even though recently BCA has already moving in the direction by holding a Hackathon. Using this API, software developers can programmatically use OCBC’s data to enrich their own services.


Right now Connect2OCBC offers four different API access :

  • Branch Locator : Give location data on all OCBC branch and their opening hours
  • ATM Locator : List OCBC ATM machines location
  • Smart Card Advisor : Give recommendation on perks and rewards for OCBC card holder
  • Forex Rate : Give up to date FOREX rate

Quoted by The Edge Market, OCBC Senior VP for Group Operations and Technology Praveen Raina said that the bank aimed to create a ‘data social network’ which facilitates free flow of certain non-customer data that will benefit any third party and the community as a whole in a secure manner. Praveen added that OCB has been in discussion with several fintech startups and real estate firms in order to help them make an optimal use of this API’s.

“As we mature, we see more and more collaboration with third party app developers, and that’s where the ‘API economy’ comes in. Organisations that don’t do this will be left behind. This is no longer a matter of choice, whether we do it or not,” he added.

Developer manual and use case examples are available on Connect2OCBC site. Being asked about future plans, The bank are focusing to add more services to the platform and the additional services expected to be ready the end of the year. However there are still no information whether the data will include OCBC presence outside Singapore (e.g Indonesia).

More information on this : https://e27.co/no-kidding-ocbc-just-became-the-first-bank-in-southeast-asia-to-have-an-open-api-20160517/

Doku & Dycode Opened Indonesia IoT Challenge 2016

Indonesia online payment startup Doku held a developer competition called Indonesia Internet of Things (IoT) Challenge 2016. This competition invites young Indonesian software developer to submit their creative IoT products which integrates with Doku payment platform. Partnering with software development house DyCode, Doku offered total prize of 30 million IDR for the winners.

In the press release, Doku’s CEO said that this competition aimed to encourage young developers to show their talent and solve real problems using IOT and Payment platform. This competition is open for anyone and participant are free to choose their preferred programming language and IoT tools.


Participant will be judged on several criteria :

  1. Simplicity of the solution
  2. Technology understanding of the participant
  3. Hardware efficiency
  4. Esthetics and design
  5. Bonus points for good implementation of DOKU API in the solution

Submission is currently open until 28th of May and finalist will be announced on 5th of June 2016.

More information here : http://edu.dycode.co.id/idiot-challenge/

Finnet launched Finpay Link to Ease Payment via Social Media

Indonesian internet users has an unique habit of using Social Media as an e-commerce platform. Instagram and Facebook has become primary channel for online sellers to showcase their product especially for individual sellers and SME.


Leveraging on this phenomenon, Telkom affiliated company Finnet launched Finpay Link, an online payment gateway services tailored for Social Media sellers. With Finpay Link, sellers will be able to create customizable link for their product and embed them easily in social media. This will enable customer to instantly pay the products just like in ecommerce marketplace sites such as Elevenia or Lazada. More convenient options compared to current practice of doing manual bank transfer.

Finnet CEO Niam Dzikri said that manual bank transfer has 65% error rate. Most of this errors contributed by human factor such as mistyping the account number and payment amount. Finpay Link aim to minimize these mistakes and made payment process in Social Media selling more straight forward. Apart from this, Finpay link also offer real time confirmation notifications and bank account checking.

More information here : http://www.indotelko.com/kanal?c=bid&it=finpay-link-transaksi-ukm-goes-digital

Kredivo, online financing services with real time credit scoring

Singapore based startup, FinAccel, recently launched online financing services called Kredivo. This services enable its users to buy things online on credit which they can also pay it in installments. To do this, FinAcccel partnered with local financing companies BFI Finance.


What makes Kredivo interesting is it offers the capability to do real time credit risk assessment. When Kredivo users buy an item, the platform do a background check based on variety of information. There are about 1000 variables are considered to determine users credit score including self-reported data about income, employment, marital status, but also social network data like how often someone posts, how many friends you have, what type of phone you use etc.

Currently, Kredivo is integrated with 20 online merchants including e-commerce marketplace Jualo. Ahmed Aljunied, Jualo CTO said that they like the product very much and it give significant spike to the transaction.

” Consumers tend to be suspicious of online sellers, so the ability to receive their purchases without having paid a single cent is an extremely attractive proposition,” 

Kredivo user has 30 days to pay for the item, without additional fees or interest. If payment isn’t completed in 30 days, interest will be charged with 2.95 percent per month and late fees of 3 percent a month.

More information on Kredivo : https://www.techinasia.com/startup-unlock-ecommerce-growth-southeast-asia

Indonesia Fintech Industry Updates #2

Quadrupled Investment Growth On Asia Pacific Fintech Industry

In their recent report “Fintech and the evolving landscape”,  Global consulting company Accenture stated that Asia Pacific (APAC) region had a quadrupled growth in 2015 with to USD 4.3 billion. With this figure. APAC contributed almost 20% of total investment in global fintech industry (USD 22 Bio) and become the second biggest invested fintech region after North America. Most of these growths are contributed by China and India while in South East Asia, the hottest fintech hub still being lead by Singapore.


In terms of business model, payment still reigns in a top spot for the most invested fintech business in APAC. However there is a huge surge in Insurance technology. From 2014 to 2015, Insurance Technology grow almost tripled even though the amount is still small compared to payment.  The report predicted that Insurance Technology will be the next hot battleground in APAC fintech landscape.

In this report, fintech startups were divided into two different types: Competitive and collaborative. Competitive-type challenges the established financial institutions while collaborative-type add value to the incumbent. Last year investment collaborative-type startup increased by 138 % while competitive-type only increased by 23%.

This is a good sign that going forward banks and other financial are more open to invest and collaborate with fintech startups. Trend which we already see in Indonesia right now with BCA and Mandiri leading the pack.

For more info, read the full Accenture report here.

Paypal launched fintech incubation program in Singapore

Global mammoth on online payment, PayPal has just launched fintech incubation program in Singapore. This program are opened for fintech startups in the region. Selected participant will go through nine month incubation in PayPal’s Technology Centre in Suntec City. The incubation program will include mentorship on finance and technology topics such as risk, compliance, core payment network and channel development. Participant will also given direct access to PayPal executives, external talents and also well-known industry experts.


In order to be eligible, applicants should fulfill these criteria :

1. A fintech or technology startup
2. Have a minimum viable product (MVP) and early trial with customers
3. Armed with seed stage funding
4. Based out of Singapore or willing to relocate to Singapore

Acceptance will be judged based on team capability, business model, technology innovation and traction.

Apart from PayPal, VISA also setup strong footprint in South East Asia by opening their new Innovation Centre which also in Singapore. Align with the Accenture report, massive growth in fintech sector has been jump-starting the interest of global tech giants  to setup business in this region.

More information on this here (e27)

Gojek-Bluebird Partnership

In a surprising twist, recently Gojek has striked partnership with the Bluebird, the company they aimed to disrupt. During the press release, Head of Buebird Public Relation Teguh Wijayanto stated that this partnership improve hailing process for Bluebird. Gojek’s CEO Nadiem Makariem also said that the partnership will include technology, payment system and promotion. Currently the detail on this partnership is not yet clear. Both parties has stated that Gojek-Bluebird joint services will be revealed to public at the end of May 2015


Focusing specifically in payment parts, this partnership will likely served as the first Go-Pay payment expansion outside Gojek own ecosystem. Considering this move and their recent GoPay campaign (50% discount  for all gojek services), Seems like Nadiem Makariem has a big ambition to dominant players in the universal payment platform going forward.

More information on this here (Kompas).


Indonesia Fintech Industry Updates #1

As part of my job as Innovation Management, on a weekly basis I deliver quick industry updates to the relevant XL Digital services team. Since i will be writing this for work, might as well post it here. Hope you guys find it useful. 

BCA Financial Hackathon 2016

Bank BCA in collaboration with DailySocial held Financial Hackathon event on  23-24th April at Segarra Ancol. By doing this event, Bank BCA encourage software developers and innovators to build creative fintech services using their recently launched Data API.

BCA Hackathon Hack By The Beach
BCA Hackathon Hack By The Beach

 For this competition, BCA invited several experts in Indonesia startup ecosystem to be the judges. Amongst them are Andrew Darwis (Kaskus), Anton Soehartyo (Touchten), Rama Mamuaya (DailySocial) and several others.

Three winners were announced at the end of this events.

Team Name

Product Name

Product Description

Fariz Tadjoedin


Send money through instant messenger such as Line, WeChat, Kakao Talk etc



Apps to share bill payments amongst friends. User just need to take receipt picture and tag a friends. The bill will be splitted amongst the tagged users



Bill payment apps. Integrated with BCA E-wallet

This initiatives can be seen as increasing commitment from Bank BCA to dive in into Indonesia digital ecosystem going forward.  No news yet on whether their Data API will be accessible for public or not. Considering the massive size of BCA, it will spark a whole lot new services if their API opened for developers and startups.

 More information on this : https://dailysocial.id/post/inilah-3-aplikasi-pemenang-finhacks-2016-hackbythebeach/

Mandiri Capital Indonesia Set Up IDR 500 Bio For Investing In Indonesia Fintech Startups

Apart from BCA, Bank Mandiri also had started a move to venture in Indonesia startup ecosystem. Earlier this year, this biggest bank in Indonesia launched their venture capital subsidiaries called Mandiri Capital Indonesia (MCI). For this venture, the corporation has set up IDR 500 bio funds to be invested in several potential startups.

Mandiri dive directly into startup ecosystem through Mandiri Capital Indonesia

On top of financial investment, MCI will give mentorship guidance to their portfolio startups and also give marketing platform to connect the startups with potential customers / partners (e.g using Wirausaha Mandiri platform)

Budi Gunadi Sadikin, Bank Mandiri CEO, explained that the company sees the emerging trend of disruptive technologies following the growth of Indonesia digital ecosystem. For example, Ride-hailing apps and various e-commerce players have changed the way Indonesians do business. Bank Mandiri cannot afford to be left behind in this movement hence the decision to jump in directly into Indonesian startup ecosystem.

 “Financial technology startups are in this money moving business. That’s why we (Bank Mandiri) entered this space with a focus on fintech,” Budi stated.

Mandiri Capital Indonesia will be focusing to invest in fintech and e-commerce digital payment space to leverage on existing Bank Mandiri’s business. Currently, the bank had more than 2 million merchants which mostly receive payments in cash.

More information on this : http://www.cnnindonesia.com/ekonomi/20160128123925-92-107346/suntik-modal-start-up-mandiri-capital-tak-beri-syarat-khusus/

Gojek Expands Gojek Credit into GoPay

Leading ride sharing startups Gojek have started to expand into cashless payment business by upgrading their previous Gojek Credit features into separate business called GoPay. Following this update, users can top up GoPay using bank BCA, Mandiri and BR with maximum balance IDR 2 million per user. Gojek users will be able to pay all of related Gojek services (Gofood, Goclean) using GoPay.

GO-PAY by GO-JEK - Google Chrome_2016-05-05_09-34-14
Gojek Credit transformed into GoPay

Going forward, theres a big possibility for Gojek to utilize GoPay for universal cashless payment platform apart for their own services.

More information on this : https://id.techinasia.com/gojek-hadirkan-gocar-saingi-uber-dan-grabcar

RR#10 – Rekomendasi Komik Indonesia

Pekan lalu, Popcon 2015 diselenggarakan di Assembly Hall JCC Senayan selama tiga hari berturut turut. Popcon adalah sebuah konvensi kreatif yang memamerkan karya karya budaya pop Indonesia. Walaupun ditampilkan juga produk kreatif lainnya, Popcon selalu identik dengan komik. Sebagian besar booth di Popcon berisi showcase komik dari seniman dan studio grafis disertai dengan merchandise seperti stiker, kaos dan juga art book. Untuk yang tertarik dengan komik dan karya grafis lainnya, Popcon adalah acara tahunan keren yang wajib untuk didatangi.

Rekomendasi Komik Lokal_small

Berdasar pengalaman mendatangi acara ini dua tahun berturut turut, Popcon semakin ramai dan  karya karya yang di tampilkan disini semakin meningkat baik dari jumlah maupun kualitas. Meskipun dari sisi industri komik lokal belum sebesar karya kreatif lain seperti musik atau film, beberapa komik lokal mempunyai kualitas gambar dan cerita yang bisa dibandingkan dengan komik mainstream amerika (DC, Marvel, Dark Horse) dan juga manga manga dari Jepang.

Berkaca pada besarnya antusiasme dan meningkatnya karya yang dirilis, Popcon 2015 dapat dilihat sebagai sebuah milestone dimana kedepannya industri komik lokal Indonesia akan semakin tumbuh.

Untuk yang belum familiar dengan karya lokal komikus Indonesia, tidak ada waktu yang lebih baik untuk berkenalan selain sekarang. Dibawah ini adalah komik komik Indonesia berkualitas yang saya rekomendasikan untuk dibaca.

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Recommended Readings #9 – Postmortems

With the increasing portrayal of startups in the mainstream media from Social Network to Silicon Valley tv series, getting into startup is probably the coolest things to do nowadays. The possibility of a billion dollar valuation plus the extravagant job perks , whats not to like ?.

However, beneath its shiny promises, startup had 90 percent failure rates. Highly successful startups such as Facebook, Twitter, AirBnB are the exception not the rule. In fact, startup who achieve that kind of success were called unicorns because of the near-fictional occurrence. With that kind of rate, failure in startups is expected rather than something to be shameful of.

Recommended Readings 9 - Postmortem

In this edition of RR, i recommend several articles where founders shared lesson-learned from fail startups which are commonly known as postmortems. Straight from the mind of battle-scarred founders, postmortem served as both knowledge and reality check for everyone who wants to start their own ventures. Continue reading “Recommended Readings #9 – Postmortems”

Recommended Readings #8

Recommended Readings 8

FastCo on Tom Delonge’s Modlife

Tom Delonge is no strager to entrepreneurship. Back in the day when he was running naked together with his bandmates, Tom succesfully founded two worldwide clothing brand Atticus and Macbeth Footwear. Back when record sales hasnt plummeted down yet, He succesfully made his band merchandise can even be bigger than the band itself. In his newest venture Modlife, Tom spreaded wings to not just clothing. Read this FastCo article to know more about Modlife.

Aulia Masna on Indonesian LTE and IPhone

Responding to XL LTE public testing back in October, Telkomsel launched the first commercial LTE services in Indonesia. But apparently subscriber who used Iphones and Ipads are not yet able to access the services due to certification restriction and spectrum incompatibility. Ex-Daily Social editor, Aulia Masna explain in details regarding these issues.

John Pavlus on Data Verbalization

FastCo and MIT Technology review contributor John Pavlus underlined problems with most data visualization dashboard : looks great but didnt make decision making easier. To tackle this problem, John suggest to consider verbalizing the data. Instead of sophisticated chart, data should be presented in narrative sentences to make it more actionable. The dashboard should tell you the information rather than showing.

Smashing Magazine on What is UX

This is comprehensive yet palatable explanation on UX. It covers from basic definition on UX, explanation of all the UX lingo ( such as A/B Testing, wireframing) and also industry standard tools for UX design. Bookmark this article if you interested in web or design in general.

Recommended Readings (RR) is a weekly compilation of  internet articles which is interesting and insightful. No limitation on the topic, as long as it ticks me ill share it with you guys here. Check out the previous RR articles here

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Recommended Readings #7

 Recommended Readings 7

Aaron Levie on MIT Technology Review

Aaron Levie is an outlier within the outlier. He was the founder of Box, cloud storage similar to Dropbox but targeting more on corporate. When nowadays startup founder is associated with hoodie, hes more corporate suit guy.  The article describe his upbringing, the pivotal story of Box and why he thinks enterprise software market  is a ripe place for disruption. Watch also his lecture on Sam Altman’s Startup Class where he gave in depth talk about developing for enterprise. Hes quite funny.

The Right Way To Ask For Apps Review

I never gave app review, not even once. I think the review pop up just annoying and break the experience of using the apps. Apparently there is a better way to do this and an news reading app Circa nailed that. Great read on how to design less intrusive UX and also a bit of insight why customer reviews matters in a mobile application.

Mashable’s History Of Reddit

I am among the 174 million people who use Reddit in daily basis. In fact, i kinda addicted to it. The site was productivity blackhole with lots and lots user generated contents to sift through from daily game deals , interviews with all sort of people and tons of other things. Mashable recently published long feature article describing 9 years saga of how Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman created the now called internet frontpage.

Image source 

Recommended Readings #6

Its been weeks since the last RR post. To make it up for the long wait, today i will share  more links than the usual. From the hidden truth of being tech journal to ideas to improve revenue sharing model in music streaming, enjoy this latest episode of Recommended Readings.

Recommended Readings 6


Walter Issacson’s The Myth Of Lone Genius 

Famously known for his Steve Jobs biography book, prolific biographer Walter Issacson come back again this year with new book: The Innovators. In this article, Walters talk about how internet revolution was brought not by brilliance of lone genius but by series of collaboration between many innovators.  I havent read his book yet but this article successfully lengthen my Amazon wishlist.

Confession of an Ex Tech Journalist

Bekah Grant was a former tech writer in VentureBeat. In this post, she gave a glimpse of the stressful life of tech journalist. Apart from non stop race to crank out page views by churning articles as much as possible, Tech Journo need to deal with constant interuption from startup founders, PR and professional jerks.  This articles serves as a guide for how not to treat tech journalist  if you need their help to spread your story.

HBR’s Insights on Xiaomi’s Business Model

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi are taking the world by storm. The so called Apple from China had a series of homerun streak this year, from getting a stellar review in ArsTechnica and rising to be third largest global smartphone maker. So what are the secrets of their stellar success ? HBR explained how Xiami disrupted smartphone industry using low price and limited availability strategy.

Jessica Livingstone on Why Startup Need More Sales and Less Marketing 

I learned the fundamental difference of Sales and Marketing from this article. Jessica Livingstone, founding partner of Y Combinator, explains Marketing as Broad-and-Shallow while Sales is Narrow-and-deep. With limited capital and its small scale, startup should always do Narrow and Deep. Insightful yet easy to digest, a must read article.

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI

Freelance UX designer Erik Kennedy Tips has personal mission to make UI design accessible for all people not just  art school graduates. Based on his experience, he broke down seven easy-to-understand methods to create good looking UI. Every tips has an image example so you can see clearly how the methods works.

For me the most useful one is method no 5,  text overlaying over images. Simple tweak but the result is amazing. So gonna use that from now on.

How to make royalties fairer for music streaming

Spotify were under scrutiny recently after Taylor Swift removed all of his albums due to unfair royalties to the musician. Previously, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke also vented the same complain. Sharyky Laguana from Cuepoint offer his idea to improve royalty sharing within current spotify model. Detailed explanation on Spotify music streaming business model are given in the article.

Recommended Readings (RR) is a weekly compilation of  internet articles which is interesting and insightful. No limitation on the topic, as long as it ticks me ill share it with you guys here. Check out the previous RR articles here

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Recommended Readings #5

Mid of the week  on the mid of the October already.  Jakarta weather are starting to get wet and the accompanying trend of sore throat will soon follow. I got mine already. So i hope you guys stay healthy and heres this week recommended readings to make your day more positive

. RR5

Drake Ballew on Lesson from the rise of Tao Bao

Unless youre living under totally disconnected rock, youve probably heard about the Chinese e-commerce titan Jack Ma. Especially after record breaking Alibaba’s IPO. In this post, Drake Ballew tells the story about how Jack Ma’s Tao Bao beat eBay and whats the lesson that can be learn. As a compliment to this article, i suggest to watch this talk by Jack several years ago. He gave enlighting yet incredibly honest speech.

Sacha Greif on Lesson learned from making projects open source

I associated open source development with all things positive and full of selfless contributor.  But is it always like that ?. Sacha Greif is a developer of Telescope, an open source Hacker News-type app built with the Meteor JavaScript framework. After 2 years of founding, developing and becoming BDFL for Telescope, she learnt that creating an open source apps actually a lot harder than making it close. The article is very personal and highlights challenges in open source development which are not widely known.

Slate on What happen when companies opens up their salaries information

Buffer, an application to simply manage multiple social media account, made a daring move to open up their whole salary structure to the public. Employees is able to know how much their colleague or boss makes. With current norm of treating salary as a very private matter, does this move brings good impact to buffer ? Apparently it is.

Canva’s tutorial on Font pairing

As i wrote previously, great thing about Canva is they put easy to follow tutorial like this for creating professional design in an easy way. Check out this one on font pairing.

Paul Graham on Before the startup

YC founder Paul Graham breaks down in detail several things you need to know before starting a startup.  Apparently, startup is one thing in life that you will do better if you don’t follow your instinct.  This topic is also delivered in the YC How to start a startup class in Stanford hence you can watch the video here.

Recommended Readings (RR) is a weekly compilation of  internet articles which is interesting and insightful. No limitation on the topic, as long as it ticks me ill share it with you guys here. Check out the previous RR articles here