Four Podcast on Innovation

I live and breathe podcast. I listen to 2 podcast episodes a day since probably 2017. One episode for commuting my way to the office and one on my way home. On weekends, i still listen to podcast while cooking and doing dishes. That like 500-600 episodes a year. It might classify as an addiction by this point.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

In this article, i share four podcast on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Topic i really passionate about, so much so i took master’s degree on that specific topic. These four podcast has been my go to inspiration list to find new ideas at work. Doing innovation is hard, listening to stories of how other people went through the process help me to push forward the hardness. If you’re in the business in finding new ways to do something, in the midst of pivot or trying to start a business in these covid times, these four podcast are for you.

I use Spotify and Google Podcast app to listen to podcast. All podcast here should be available in other players as well.

Lets start

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