Recommended Readings #2

Happy Tuesday guys. I hope the excess joy from your awesome weekend still lingering in the workplace. My weekend highlights was grabbing Arigato Macaroni in the PopCon Asia yesterday which turns out to be awesome.  For today’s RR, ill share about Guy’s Kawasaki presenting tips, startup & MBA relations, over consumption and yet again Peter Thiel

Guy Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 Presentation Rules

Presenting are the gist of my corporate strategy role. My slides falls into the stereotypical consultant, more than two charts per slides and crowded with sophisticated words. Guy Kawasaki’s rule is the perfect balance to make simpler corporate presentations while not being too over the top hipster like Pecha Kucha.

Jason Freedman’s on Why MBA curriculum makes you suck at startup

For you who plan to pursue master’s degree especially MBA , this is an interesting (or dis-interesting) point of view. Jason Freedman, a Y Combinator alumni and an MBA holder himself, offer a compelling argument of how MBA is a general management course aimed at giant business which is the opposite of what startup truly need.

Brooklyn Accelerator on Breaking addictive culture of fashion consumption

Not-so-breaking news : In the long run, shopping do the opposite of making you happier. This is an easy to digest article on the emotional side of shopping and over consumption. It used fashion as a context, but it can be applied on anything. After reading this, i feel the  need to reflect my mental state thoroughly whenever i got the dying urge to go on a shopping spree.


Peter Thiel’s AMA on Reddit

If youre not familiar with Reddit, r/IAMA is a forum where everyday there will be someone voluntarily asking to be asked anything by reddit users. Due to the massive numbers of highly active  users, a lot of big name has been doing an AMA which includes president of the USA and ISS Astronaut live from space. In this IAMA edition, Peter Thiel answers question about investing, startup and even fashion advice . Heres one of the quotes regarding suits :

in Silicon Valley, wearing a suit in a pitch meeting makes you look like someone who is bad at sales and worse at tech

well, there goes your chance Barney Stinson.

Recommended Readings (RR) is a weekly compilation of  internet articles which is interesting and insightful. No limitation on the topic, as long as it ticks me ill share it with you guys here. Check out the previous RR articles here


Recommended Readings

Nothing teach short attention span like the internet.

Back in the pre-internet days, time felt slower because information delay was still exist. We dont mind waiting a bit longer in order to digest lengthy pages of information.  Fast forward in the era of instant gratification where everything can be discovered instantly, we read headlines and list most of the times cause aint nobody got time for that scrollable feature articles.

To flex our brain a little bit, heres some recommended comprehensive  articles  on the internet which i belive is meatful and highly nutritious.

Paul Graham on Starting your own startup

Y Combinator boss Paul Graham golden wisdom about starting a startup. He gave advice from brainstorming the idea, hiring the right people, figuring out what customer want, raising fund, operate efficiently and much much more. A must read for startup founder or anyone who wants to start business.

Joel Software on Guerrilla Interviewing

Along with Coding Horror, Joel on Software blog was my regular read back in college days. These two blog introduced me  to the management side of software. Which turns out to be not less sophisticated and exciting as the coding itself. In this post, Joel Spolsky (which founded FogCreek , Stack Exchange & Trellobreaks down how to recruit great software developer. Eventhough its very specific, Joel’s concept of Smart & Getting things done is very interesting and can be widely applied.

 Wired Magazine on Digital Literacy

This article introduce me to the term Digital Literacy. A thought provoking idea which is due to digital age were living in, everyone should be skilled in information technology.

Fortune feature articles on Peter Thiel

Dont tell me you never heard of Peter Thiel. He was the man behind or contributed to things you used daily such as  Paypal, Facebook,  Linkedin, Quora,  and many others. He was the Don in silicon valley world and im not even kidding. This article covered lots of interesting stuff about Thiels life such as his early rise in Paypal, his ambitious investment which includes government-less floating island and the controversies in his ideas of funding students to abandon college.  This man is basically Bolivar Trask (or even Lex Luthor) in real life.