Portal Data Indonesia

Being skeptical of me, i thought i would never see the day when the words like “open data”, “API” and “awesome site” being put in the same sentence as “Indonesian government”.

Publicly launched yesterday at Soehanna Hall,  Portal Data Indonesia (PDI) is an integrated portal which hosted public data from various government institutions. Spearheaded by Presidential Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring & Oversight, PDI aims to promote government openness by providing public access to variety of government data.


In my Corporate Strategy gig, i used this kind of data a lot. For example : before deciding which areas to invest, analysis need to be done to check whether the area are feasible and potentially profitable. This will need data such as people demographics, spending level and mobile penetration. Some of this are available in BPS report but if i want to get raw data in XLS files, i need to go to BPS office, fill some forms and pay some fees. In short, its a hassle.

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