Year’s End Movie 2014

The last time i went to cinema was i think two months ago for Guardian of Galaxy , which was very very good.  No interesting movies coming along after that. This time around is like silence period before the storm of massive Hollywood year’s end season. So my fellow moviegoers, to build up excitement heres the trailers for a upcoming movies in the last quarter of 2014.


Christopher Nolan. That name alone is enough to convince you to watch this movies. Except for TDKR which is still highly disputed, Nolan hasnt yet make movies which less than awesome. Batman Begins, Inception, The Prestige, Memento you name it. In Interstellar, our planet is coming to an end and bands of astronauts lead by the alright, alright, alright Matthew McConaughey are desperately jumping into wormhole to look for another place in the galaxy  to settle and delaying the human extinction. Awesome right.

The trailer so far is so epic. Partly because Hans Zimmer was on the scoring credit. Cant wait.

Big Hero Six

This will be the first Disney movie featuring Marvel character after its  acquisition back in 2009. Personally im expecting something like Wreck It Ralph sequel featuring X Men but judging from the trailer this looks promising. Heartwarmingly hilarious with engrossing action.

The Interview

James Franco. Seth Rogen, Kim Jong Un and Weapon of Ass Destroyer. That will be enough to describe this movie. If you laugh disgustingly watching This Is The End, this is a must see.

Movies With Awesome Soundtracks

Have you watched guardian of the galaxy ?

If you have, then one thing on your mind after you went out the theater was probably to look and download this movie soundtrack. It was that good of the soundtrack. The movie itself is all you can crave for a Marvel’s adaptation. Character was very likeable, its hilarious and the plot was solid.  But the one which makes the movie memorable is the soundtrack which was full of 70’s classic rock songs, The Awesome Mix. Director James Gunn use this to point out to the audience that Starlord is really human from the Planet Earth.


After discussing this movie with my colleague, I cant help but listing other movies which have awesome soundtracks. Below are my personal picks.

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