Talking About Mobile Networks at ITS Surabaya

Like thousands of us, i had a dream to be a rockstar back in my high school years. With minds infused by MTV Afterskool Rocks, its hard not to imagine how cool it is to create headbanging music, get crazy on stage and embarks on a tour. That dream not turned to be true, however im working in the field of my other passion which is technology. Last monday, i got a chance to experience something which was close to having a band gig. I went back to my almamater and delivered guest lecture on mobile networks.

me doing the speech


It all started with my chat with mas Soni, my senior compatriot in campus and also a lecturer now in the almamater. I volunteered to do share some technical insights on telco industry. Good for me, mas Soni took it excitedly and upped the challenge by offering to teach two class in two days. That sounded like a sweet deal.

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