Mixtrack April – Electro House

Excuse me for posting another mixtrack, folks.  It could only mean one obvious conclusion : Ive been too lazy to write something else. So without further due, heres several EDM tracks my ears been listening to compiled into one mix.

Too Much Free Time Mix by AhmadiKiki

Click on the link above to listen, ive uploaded it on Mixcloud. Its an uber cool platform to listen to various mixes from household names DJ’s, Fatboy Slim is there.

Heres the full track list :

  1. Mark Knight – Alright
  2. Phonat – Set Me Free (Avicii Remix)
  3. Hardwell – Spaceman
  4. Hardwell – Cobra (Energy Anthem)
  5. Hard Rock Sofa – Analogital
  6. Tommy Trash – Build Up
  7. Dirty South & Eric Hecht – Walking Alone (Arty Remix)
  8. Thomas Gold – Sing2me
  9. Porter Robinson – Language
  10. Steve Aoki feat Laidback Luke – Turbulence

And heres the cool EDM stuff i found  :

  1. David Guetta’s set in Ultra Music Festival 2012.
  2. Avicii & Angger Dimas live in Jakarta 2012 video in Youtube

Thanks for reading and good day!

Mixtrack March – Electro House

Fresh brewed EDM tracks mix from my bedroom DJ sets, sponsored by not-going-anywhere Sunday.  Since youtube only allow 15 minutes, full mix will be uploaded on my mixcloud page. My personal higlight for this mix will be Troll from Sweden house producer duo, Alexander Lager and Johannes Gustafsson a.k.a Qulinez. The track is so sick, i need medicine right now. Without further due, check out below.

Track listing :

  1. Qulinez – Troll
  2. Pressure – Alesso
  3. Leventina – Were gonna start
  4. Flo Rida feat Sia – Wild Ones (Sex Ray Vision remix)

For more dose of ear-banging EDM mix,  heres my recommendation for today :

On Electronic Music

I blame Daft Punk for my interest in electronic music. Imagine you are high schoolers itching to look cool and spent your after school times absorbing musicality through MTV. Hundreds of 90’s boysband videos later then, BAM, out of this world tunes suddenly hit your ears accompanied by anime music videos. Sounds so different, sounds so strange as if it was a received transmission from outer space. Couple of days later you realized what hit you was One More Time by french robotic duo of  Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel. My ears wasnt same again since that.

Started with Daft Punk, then it goes to Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim until the new ones such as Deadmau5, Skrillex and David Guetta. Since i cannot play any musical instruments, back in my school times im dying to take DJ course in order to play music (and attract hot girls). But it would cost me my arm and leg to take the course, i was still broke furthermore. My dream to be the coolest guy in school nicknamed DJ Kiki was buried in the deep along with potential hot girlfriends.

God bless the internet for giving me access to VirtualDJ and plethora of its tutorial on Youtube, i have new hobby now playing with these electro tracks. Check out my mix of eargasmic dirty electro tracks below .


Not bad huh for first try ? what ? it sucks ? whatever man, boot up your own VirtualDJ and show me what you got. Since my old DJ obsession come back to life, now i can wait for the hot girls to swarm around (hell yeah).

Stay tunes here for more mix straight from my office Thinkpad! Why you ask ? because Macbook is too mainstream (and i couldnt afford it).