Recommended Readings #8

Recommended Readings 8

FastCo on Tom Delonge’s Modlife

Tom Delonge is no strager to entrepreneurship. Back in the day when he was running naked together with his bandmates, Tom succesfully founded two worldwide clothing brand Atticus and Macbeth Footwear. Back when record sales hasnt plummeted down yet, He succesfully made his band merchandise can even be bigger than the band itself. In his newest venture Modlife, Tom spreaded wings to not just clothing. Read this FastCo article to know more about Modlife.

Aulia Masna on Indonesian LTE and IPhone

Responding to XL LTE public testing back in October, Telkomsel launched the first commercial LTE services in Indonesia. But apparently subscriber who used Iphones and Ipads are not yet able to access the services due to certification restriction and spectrum incompatibility. Ex-Daily Social editor, Aulia Masna explain in details regarding these issues.

John Pavlus on Data Verbalization

FastCo and MIT Technology review contributor John Pavlus underlined problems with most data visualization dashboard : looks great but didnt make decision making easier. To tackle this problem, John suggest to consider verbalizing the data. Instead of sophisticated chart, data should be presented in narrative sentences to make it more actionable. The dashboard should tell you the information rather than showing.

Smashing Magazine on What is UX

This is comprehensive yet palatable explanation on UX. It covers from basic definition on UX, explanation of all the UX lingo ( such as A/B Testing, wireframing) and also industry standard tools for UX design. Bookmark this article if you interested in web or design in general.

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Arigato Macaroni

In terms of drawing quality, i think this is the best Indonesian i read so far.

Arigatou Macaroni is a webcomic created by Erfan Fajar from Stellar Labs. It has two main story arcs, the first one is about two little kids from a comic writer parents  : Osei & Yuki and the other one is daily live & love struggle of Rambo, quarter life crisis studio based comic writer. In between these two , theres a lot of one off filler episodes which usually Erfan’s hilariously absurd point of view about a phenomenon or a trend in Jakarta. This format and the style of humor is quite similar to Kar Kerschl’s Abominable Charles Christopher.

Arigato Macaroni

Its funny with a little bit of aaw which can makes you warm inside. Let me repeat again, the drawing quality is the best among Indonesian comic ive ever read so far. One that come close is now discontinued Lima Menit Sebelum Tayang which i just realized came from the same kitchen (Stellar Labs, get your act together and revive Makko!). A really really must read.

Its available on physical format as well. I grabbed one in PopCon and it was 100k well spent. Check out their facebook or mention @erufan on twitter to order Arigato Macaroni deluxe comic edition online.

Arigato Macaroni Webcomic

Portal Data Indonesia

Being skeptical of me, i thought i would never see the day when the words like “open data”, “API” and “awesome site” being put in the same sentence as “Indonesian government”.

Publicly launched yesterday at Soehanna Hall,  Portal Data Indonesia (PDI) is an integrated portal which hosted public data from various government institutions. Spearheaded by Presidential Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring & Oversight, PDI aims to promote government openness by providing public access to variety of government data.

In my Corporate Strategy gig, i used this kind of data a lot. For example : before deciding which areas to invest, analysis need to be done to check whether the area are feasible and potentially profitable. This will need data such as people demographics, spending level and mobile penetration. Some of this are available in BPS report but if i want to get raw data in XLS files, i need to go to BPS office, fill some forms and pay some fees. In short, its a hassle.

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