From Ideas to Rollout

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Ive been managing a business development (BD) team for 3 years now. During this time, i see that BD role can meant different things. In some companies, the role skews more to sales, in other it might be more to product development. There also stark difference from BD in big corporate versus in startup. The first one might be more to high-level strategic partnership, while the latter more hands-on with business operations and expansions.

In Amartha, i can summarize my work as developing new business by pushing ideas into rollout. In this post, ill share several of my learnings developing new product / business, starting from brainstorming scribbles in notepad, work the ideas into concept slides, running a pilot and finally decide to expand it in multiple areas.

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Sam Altman’s Startup Class

Remember the post ive write about the YCombinator class at Stanford ?

The infamous class is already online. As i previously wrote, this class has garnered a lot of attention because of the band of lecturer which are some of the top name in Silicon Valley ranging from Peter Thiel to Facebook’s Dustin Moskowitz. Been waiting for this to be uploaded since and it was my first thing in to do in my mind while i was on the way back to Jakarta.  The lecture has been going only for two weeks so its not that late to catch up.

Sam Altman’s startup class

Ive watched the first lecture and it was great. Sam Altman’s talked about foundation principles on building a startup. Theres lot of insightful gems such as how to determine what is a great idea, how to execute the ideas to product and the importance of mission in a startup. It was relatively easy to digest and Sam Altman gave a lot of real life example on Google, Pinterest, Airbnb and other Y Combinator’s alumni.

He posted the course transcript and the full video on his personal website. A must watch for everyone who interested in startups, tech scene and business in general .

Sam Altman’s How to Start a Startup

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