Localizing Group Buying in Indonesia

One of noticeable recent trend in ecommerce is group buying. The trend is ignited by the rise of Pinduoduo (PDD), Chinese company offering group buying services. In just 5 years, Pinduoduo skyrocketed from small aplication inside We-chat into challenging Alibaba as the biggest c-commerce in China. Fueled by this trend, group buying startups are emerging in Indonesia. Among them are Kitabeli, Chilibeli, Rates and Woobiz.

Image of traditional market in Indonesia. Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Ecommerce in Indonesia has been rapidly growing for the past decade. Penetration compared to offline retail however is still less than 1%. There is an ample room for innovation in this space, including group buying. But blindly copying what works in China might not produce similar result here.

In this article, i write my thoughts on how PDD does group buying and whether bringing in their model could work in Indonesian context.

Lets go!.

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