Soundsfair 2014

Last weekend i went to the maiden event of Java Soundsfair 2014. The three day event featured with international artist such as the queen murderer of the dance floor, Sophie Ellis Baxtor, Skapara a.k.a Tokyo Ska Paradise, Asian Dub Foundation. Local musician was represented by the likes of Tulus, Maliq & D’essentials, The SIGIT , Mocca and Demajor’s gang such as Sore, The Brandals , Leonardo and the impeccable six and many more. Held in the main halls of JCC, It has staggeringly 9 stages with almost 30 bands playing each day.

j a n u a r y

Coming from the organizers who delivered Java Jazz, Java Rockinland and Java Soulnation, Soundsfair was touted as “mind-blowing modern entertainment at its best for young, urban, modern and creative people”.  The concept was unclear for me. Lots of unheard of bands, the rock line up that wasnt really hard enough  and theres also a small indoor dance stage set up like a club hazing with cigarette smoke (goddammit you ignorant people). Hipster maybe the word to summarize the concept of this year Soundsfair.

It was still fun nonetheless due to the performance of several amazing artist. So here are my highlights of Java Soundsfair 2014 from attending two out of three days.

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Menikmati JakCloth 2013

Pagelaran distro & clothing, dipenuhi lautan anak muda  beserta delapan panggung musik yang menghentak nonstop. Minggu kemarin adalah JakCloth pertamaku dan setelah sebelumnya tidak berekspektasi terlalu tinggi, it was actually quite fun. Tidak berniat belanja memang, datang hanya ingin menikmati suasana live dari  Angger Dimas & Massive Kontrol tapi ternyata ada yang lebih menarik di stage lain.



Walaupun bukan festival musik per se, JakCloth menurutku potensial untuk disandingkan dengan  musik besar seperti Soundrenaline atau JavaRockinland. Ada 8 panggung musik diisi puluhan musisi  beragam genre (mayoritas  indie rock, skate punk dan metalcore) padahal tujuan utama  orang datang adalah banting harga clothing items dari distro seperti Macbeth. Jika venuenya lebih bagus seperti Eco Park ancol mungkin JakCloth bisa ditahbiskan sebagai inkarnasi Warped Tour di Indonesia. Tapi in all fairness, dengan harga tiket hanya 20 ribu JakCloth sudah menawarkan music festival experience yang seru.

Oke, berikut laporan pandangan mata kemarin. Aku datang hari Sabtu malam.

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20th Years Anniversary L’Arc-en-Ciel Live in Jakarta

It was sometimes around 2004.

High school, the place and time where everyone shamelessly jump into whatever bandwagon that says cool. The fad compass change direction instantaneously  from Harlem Hip Hop scene to Manchester’s Brit Pop. My school was invaded by everything Japanese. Spearheaded by a band called Laruku, suddenly teenagers with neon blue hair color can be excused as “Harajuku”, bands started playing Animes soundtracks and Azumi Kawashima became household name for hormone-driven male students.

My friends have a Laruku cover band called Usagi at that time, thats how i started exposed to the Japs stuff. I remember watching Stay Away music videos, the one with awkward synchronized dancing at the end. Followed up by buying their Clicked Singles Best compilation casette and boom, i was officially part of the trend.

4 men from far east who rocks Senayan that night


Laruku has been rockin the stages for 2o years and for the first time, they put Jakarta as one of world tour destination. A long expected pilgrimage for J-Fan all over Indonesia. Although ive moved on way over the Japs scene hangover years ago, couldnt help to secure the tickets. Its high school all over again.

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Hoobastank and Wondergirls

Sometime of this month, i went to a very cool concert that was held in KLCC park titled Twin Tower Live 2011. Cool because Hoobastank was there, and even more awesome because it was free. Its not only Hoobastank there though there were Malaysian local artists also such as Yuna, Bunkface and Bunkface vocalist side projects, The Azenders. Also there were Korean girls band which become so popular these day, Wondergirls.

Wondergirls Live

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