Information Role In Agribusiness

For work related project, recently me along with my colleagues were exploring the business potential of developing mobile services in Indonesian agriculture sector. Our early hypothesis was delivering relevant information could give benefits to farmers.

To prove our hypothesis and start our research, We went to Institute Pertanian Bogor and have a discussion with two academias from agriculture business faculty, ibu Etriya and pak Firman. Ibu Etriya has been doing research on vegetable farming in West Java while pak Firman is an expert in Coffee and Cocoa plantation. Both of them are very passionate about their subjects and the discussion really opened up my mind about the role of information in Indonesian agriculture business and how big the opportunities in these space.


In this blog post, i will share some of the insights gained from the discussion. Lets start with how good information could bring positive impact to the farmer’s livelihood. Continue reading “Information Role In Agribusiness”