Five things to do in college to make you job-ready

In his recent article called Sarjana Kertas  (Paper Graduates), Prof Rhenald Khasali raised concerns about fresh graduates who only relies on their degree papers without having the right skill and mentality to survive in a working environment. Current trend of hiring through management trainee programs indicates wide gap between academics and professional world. When students graduated from university, employer doesn’t see them as job-ready but more train-ready. Company has to educate freshgrads with work ethics, culture, softskill, etc just to make them fit for entry level job.


Looking back at  my university times, i agree about the gap but theres a lot of ways to shorten it and all of it are within the college environment itself. Unaware students, who thinks college works the same as school, generally will only focusing on having good grades without doing anything else and become the definition of Sarjana Kertas. On the other hand, competent students taking extra miles beyond their studies and ramp up better value once they enter the job market.

Based on my personal experience, these are several things you can do while in college to shape you into job-ready graduates.

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