In this page you can find history of my professional and voluntary works along with a brief summary. Entry will be posted in a reverse chronological order, started from the most recent.

Lead Strategy and Operations – Amartha

Since September 2017 (current job)

Managing both operations and development of Amartha’s new operating model, Amartha GO (AGO). AGO aimed to improve current repayment collection which still relies field officer into more efficient agency model. AGO also paved technological backbone for Amartha in order to offer more diverse financial services such as Saving, Bill Payment and Remittance.

As Lead Operations, i am managing AGO Ops team which responsible for :
Concept development (including developing business model, market validation, business analysis)
Product development ( creating product roadmap, proposing new features, prioritzing which features to develop, approving development results)
Running the operations( developing the SOP and incentives, training branch-managers and field officers, supporting day to day operations of Amartha Go )

Since this is an early startup, i also assumed the role of AGO product manager. For this role, i lead 6-person team (4 developers, 1 QA and 1 PM) responsible for the development of AGO dashboard web apps and mobile android apps for both field officers and agents.

Technological stack we used for this project :
AngularJS for web app front end
Golang for backend, designed with microservices architecture
React Native for android app
Mongo and Postgre for databases

Corporate Strategy Analyst – XL Axiata 

September 2012 – November 2015

Corporate Strategy team is a part of Corporate Strategy and Business Transformation (CSBT) division which report directly to the CEO. My responsibilities as an analyst can be described in several phases

  • Strategy Formulation : Corporate-wide strategy are discussed  and approved by the C-level management in a board of directors meeting. My responsibility is to provide data, analysis and also list of topics to be discussed in the meeting.
  • Strategy Approval : Once approved in the BOD level, the strategy then will be presented in the shareholders / board of commissioners meeting. This approval also includes how much investment will be required to execute the strategy. My responsibility is to prepare the meeting materials including business plan and financial forecast to justify the investment.
  • Strategy Socialization : Next step after shareholder approval is to socialize the strategy to the rest of the companies. Corporate strategy along with human resource and corporate communication team are responsible to create strategy socialization programs. This usually includes presentation to business leaders, develop socialization materials and visitation to regional office.
  • Strategy Execution : After socialization, Corporate Strategy will be supporting each business units to translate the strategy into actions.

On top of regular strategy development works, I also contributed in several projects and taskforce such as :

  • XL ecommerce development (
  • Axis acquisition & regulatory approval process
  • LTE entry strategy and development plan
  • XL new business development such as OTT, fixed mobile convergence and cloud

XL Corporate Strategy team managed to get several professional awards and merits such as :

Data Services Analyst – XL Axiata 

June 2011 – September 2012

Service architect and developer of XL data services such as internet, m2m, mobile ads and digital content delivery. Supporting company business by doing development and integration on core data network elements while maintaining 99,99% availability in mission critical environment.

I involved in several development project within this terms :

  • FTTx – IPTV pre-deployment
  • XL Mobile Advertising development and integration
  • Mobile Machine to Machine (M2M) platform development and integration
  • Intrusion detection system deployment
  • Application gateway development to support XL VAS services
  • Pay per click capabilities development in  XL mobile internet proxies

Axiata Young Talent Program  – Celcom Axiata

October 2010 – June 2011

Young Talent is a management trainee program held by Axiata group. For this program, i was posted in Celcom office in Kuala Lumpur designated to Billing Operation team. My job at that time was mainly involving the Billing Migration Project.

Several of my responsibilities at this project are :

  • Work hand in hand with Huawei MS setup team to develop governance model between Celcom and Huawei.
  • Develop SLA & KPI for Huawei MS operation team
  • Develop workflow for the operation team process such as trouble ticket raising, service request, change request and fault management
  • Do UAT for system and tools going to be used on MS operation
  • Prepare and conduct the operation readiness test

Technical Associate  – TechMahindra

December 2009 – September 2010

This was my first professional work out of college which also kickstarted my career in mobile telecommunication sector. My job was to do 24/7 operations support and maintenance for Siebel CRM systems in Axis Indonesia.

Details of of my responsibilities were :

  • Maintain and do housekeeping for Siebel CRM application.
  • System monitoring and health check for Siebel CRM servers (DB and Webservers)
  • Solving trouble ticket regarding BIS, order management and business process involving Siebel CRM application
  • Implement new configuration and operational change request to Siebel production servers and gateways
  • Conduct regression test after system changes / deployment
  • Delivers daily / weekly/ monthly system operational reports to PT NTS Board of Director.

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