Heizran Hamid 24th Birthday Bash

Last thursday i had  birthday bash party in condo for my bro Heizran Hamid. This time the party was so random, no planning before just ignited by BBM group chat in the morning. Since its triggered by BBM group chat, its not a suprise party at all. Still it was a great party, lot of people come and we play silly games as usual. Heres some pic i wanna share

Party up!
Party up!

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ive been longing for convenient point and click digicam since my study time. I manage to buy Cybershot w350 last year for my mom because she had the same urge like me back then. In the second month of my job, i brace myself (and my bank account) to get pocket cam. Im not a photography enthusiast so i just need an easy camera to point-shoot and can fit into my pocket hence i can take pic wherever i go. So i manage to get Sony Cybershot T99 for 800 RM in the PC fair held in KLCC. Pretty good bargain tough, i get memory card, mini tripod, case, 3 years warranty and a sony dvd player as a bonus.

Purple cam which fits in my palm #rhyme

so excited, i unboxed it on the spot

Since im a noob in photography, as far i can tell you my experience with this is nice. If you want to be more educated, google t99 review on the internet and it will give more than enough result. The reason i chose the purple color one because its now my new fave color and also it match with my converse shoes (so unimportant). After i unboxed it, i wander KLCC park to test drive and get some pic. Here you go folks.

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