If I Was A Techno DJ, This 7 Songs Would Be On My Set

Phew, been overwhelmed by my new job. Twice the workload, twice the challenge and that means twice the fun. Anyway just to update this blog, ill just do a light post sharing some of my recent music on my playlist. For this week, my ears craving for bumping dance club tunes. So as the title implies, heres 7 sick mix that will make you eargasm. Welcome to club linuxgembel, Kiki Ahmadi will be your DJ tonite. Drink responsibly and dance accordingly.

1. Mord Fustang – Lick The Rainbow (Original Mix)

To pump up your mood and stretch your techno nerves, heres one mix all the way from Estonian DJ Mord Fustang. A funny name for a DJ aint eh?. Found this track on Beatport top 10 and  some random electro house mix in Youtube. Sounds a lil bit dubstep here and there, im no fan of dubstep but this one is ok for me. Click for more info on Mord Fustang.

2. Martin Solveig- Hello 

From Estonia, we go all the way to France. Where this innocent faced DJ , which kinda reminds me of Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim, Superbad), crazed clubhoppers  all over Paris club. This video of Martin Solveig also featuring pro tennis player, Novak Djokovic.

3. Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Madeon remix)

I just found Madeon today after stumbling around 9gag and found this super awesome pop mashup remix. Even more awesome, Madeon is still 17 years old. Radical!

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Switchfoot live in KL

You guys know switchfoot ? no ? ok then no need to feel bad, most of my friends also the same. Thats why when they came and held a concert here in KL, i had to go solo cos nobody knew Switchfoot *forever alone face. Anyway, let met tell you a lil bit of Switchfoor in this post if you dont know about this awesome band. For starters, ill give you a spoiler : They sound friggin awesome live! :).

Switchfoot rockin Kuala Lumpur

Meet switchfoot, 5 piece band from San Diego, USA. Their genre is more on Alternative rock, some of the media categorized them as Christian Rock because their previous label Re:Think was associated with CCM , a gospel label. Getting their famous break after a movie A Walk to Remember which featured their singles such as Dare You To Move, Learning to Breathe and Only Hope. You know the movies right ? the one who introduce us to the innocent face of Mandy Moore ?. You probably think that Only Hope is Mandy’s song, because that was the song who rocketed her as a singer also. Only Hope is written by Jon Foreman and included in their second album The New Way to Be Human.

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Maroon 5 Live in KL

Two international artist concert in one weekend, thats too much aint it ? ya i thought so also. I had that last week because last month i bought two concert ticket separately without knowing that it just only one day difference between them.  Oh well, its Maroon 5 and Switchfoot anyways and both of them performed awesomely, i fell less guilty about the money spent for those. Heres my take up on Maroon 5, ill follow up with Switchfoot later.

Maroon 5 live in KL

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Hoobastank and Wondergirls

Sometime of this month, i went to a very cool concert that was held in KLCC park titled Twin Tower Live 2011. Cool because Hoobastank was there, and even more awesome because it was free. Its not only Hoobastank there though there were Malaysian local artists also such as Yuna, Bunkface and Bunkface vocalist side projects, The Azenders. Also there were Korean girls band which become so popular these day, Wondergirls.

Wondergirls Live

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What im into lately

Ive been single for few months now. no no, this opening doesnt meant to be a single gloomy sentence that will make this entire post sounds like emo. Apart from the fact that im single, thanks God life is still doing so awesome for me. Well, i realized relationship is one part of me that im quite suck at it haha. But no worries folks, im not a fan of giving up and being negative. So yes, ive been going for another romance this time. Quite in the early stage but started in a fun way.

Now heres the thing, im gonna give you 5 of the songs that repeating on my playlist this week. If you know me in person, you might be have a clue what kinda romance im into now or if you know me that well, you can even name the lucky girl haha. Enjoy now and listen to the lyrics carefully 😀

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Deftones live in KL

Last weekend, i went to the concert by a metal band which ive been following them since junior high. I watch them first time on the afternoon MTV show (alternative nation or most wanted, im not sure) through their video clip “Back To School” and it was straigthly headbanging me down. Then i know them more on the Family Values tour DVD with other bands such as Korn and Limp Bizkit, from that i knew their powerhouse singles like ” 7 words” and “engine no 9”. If you still dont know who is this band im talking about, Youtube those two singles i mention before and i guarantee it will blow your simple mind of yours haha. Yes, im talking about Chino Moreno, Chi Cheng, Abe Cunningham, Frank Delgado and Stephen Carpenter a.k.a Deftones.

Live in KL

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