SVCHost hogging memories in Windows 7

Due to annoying problems in windows 7, I spent  several precious hours of my sunday tinkering and problem solving. Its been like forever since the last time i wrote technical stuff in this blog but i believe this issues is quite obscure hence a detailed problem breakdown will be beneficial. Lets get started.

Windows Task Manager_2015-10-25_10-48-27

The Goddamn Problem

I have ASUS Laptop running Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium edition with 4 gigs of RAM. After few minutes of booting, memory consumption goes up to 100% without a single program running. This happened consistently even after several times of rebooting. The whole system slowed down and barely usable up to this point.

Finding The Culprit

  1.  I opened Task Manager > Processes and click Show Processes from All Users. This step was to see the list of all processes which are currently running including internal windows process.
  2. Sort by the amount of memory used. In my case, SVCHOST  process consumed almost 2 gigs of RAM. A big red alert right there.
  3. SVCHOST is a generic placeholder shared by various windows service. I need to go deeper. Still on Task Manager, Right click on SVChost and then Go To Services. This step showed all of the windows services which are using SVCHOST.
  4. I have got the list of the suspect now. Time to do the interrogation phase. I opened windows service panel by clicking Services button on the bottom. Starting from the top, i disable the SVCHOST related services one by one. Everytime a service disabled, i check the impact to the RAM consumption.
  5. Apparently, the one leaking all the memory was Windows Update Service a.k.a WUAUSERV. When i disabled this service, RAM consumption dramatically went down.

The Solution

Having known the exact problem, simple google query apparently showing useful result. Apparently this is a known bug in Windows 7. The detail of the problem can be found hereSolving this problem is just a matter of installing Windows Hotfix.

Windows Update Client for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: July 2015

After installing this update, my laptop was already normal again. Thats all for this post. I hope you guys could find this useful.

2 thoughts on “SVCHost hogging memories in Windows 7

  1. I am having this same problem. But even after I installed that hotfix, and I continuously stop the Windows Update service, the svcservices keeps hogging system resources.

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