Hiphop Indo Playlist

My plan for this mayday holiday was to be productive. Finish one or two unread books or maybe blogging about something smart. But due to unforeseen circumstance, the plan goes out to the window. I spent the whole afternoon watching youtube instead.

By unforeseen events, it was me discovering Black Book, a documentary about Indonesian hip hop created by Hiphopindo. Blackbook tell the chronicles hiphop movement since the release of Pesta Rap. It was so damn good, i spent entire evening checking most of the featured artist. Cant recommend it enough, go check it out.

Still in an attempt to be productive while being Blackbook still lingering in my mind, i created list of several dope local hip hop track which i think everyone should listen to.

HipHop Indonesia Playlist

Young Lex – Ini Gaya Gue

Well, this song is the definition of guilty pleasure. Dirty beats, stupid lyrics and care-free-no-fucks-given party attitudes. Probably im too old for othe Young Lexx materials, but this song is on point. He also reminds me of Wiz Khalifa.

Ndeesaster – 1928

Man, i got a crush on Ndeesaster. Her voice reminds me of Iggy Azalea but with the lyrical intensity of Lil Kim. But sadfully, further google search indicating seems like she’s not active anymore. Too bad.

Pandji – Menoleh

In the level of fandom, me and Pandji Pragiwaksono is on the best friend level. I came to most of his stand up special. The one i didn’t attend, i bought the video digitally via wsydnshop. But thats for his stand up comedy. His music i found it hard to enjoy. Of all his repertoir, so far i can only enjoy Lagu Melayu and this one.

Menoleh is an anthem summarizing what Pandji’s  well known for : Positive & nationalistic message for the youth.

bentuk kepalan, angkat tinggi diatas kepala
jadikan kepalan sebagai pesan,bahwa kita mas-ih dengarkan
teriakan par-a pahlawan, menoleh kebelakang
lihat yang ditinggalkan
pelajaran tak harus dalam halaman
buku sekolahan / buka wawasan

X Calibour  – Walk My Way

Back in my high school times, i listen to radio all the times. There was this hiphop program in DJFM which i forgot the name. They gave slot to local Surabaya hiphop to showcase their materials whether its freestylin or  playing their mixtapes  / tracks.

One group really stood out for me due to their quality production and their similarity to Wutang Clan. X Calibour is the name. In this group, You can found ODB here, Method Men there and aggressive braggadocio everywhere.

Walk my way was the song i heard on that radio program. If you dig that, check out also their latest single Nusantara.

X Cali Cali come on! X Cali Cali!

Oka – Emce

There was the time where picturing Oka Antara playing religious sinetron was more unrealistic than Syahrini’s personality. He was a gangsta rapper for god’s sake. I listened to Oka’s debut LP in a cassette format back in high school after he saw me bringing The Eminem Show records.

I loved that album so much, Oka was fierce, fast and furious. But it seems like Catatan Hati Seorang Istri gave him more dough than spitting sharp lyrics.

Jogja Hiphop Foundation – Cintamu Sepahit Topi Miring

If XCalibour sounds like WuTang Clan, JHF operates like one.

JHF is the amalgamation of two rap group Rotra & Jahanam and solo rap artist  Marzuki Muhammad a.k.a Kill The DJ. Each of this element are already prominent in underground hiphop sceme.  All three of them raps in Javanese language which combined with hiphop, makes them a double minority in Indonesian music scene.

That barrier didnt stop them from touring the united friggin states. As far as i know, they are the only Indonesian artist who reach such an accomplishment. That and the fact that they sound really good live, makes them the best active Indonesian hiphop artist in my book.

Homicide – Puritan

If we talk about Indonesian rap lyrics, Homicide is the GOAT (greatest of all time). Combination of Ucok Homicide a.k.a Morgue Vanguard and Aszi a.k.a Sarkaz, Homicide wrote sadistic lyric full of social critics with layers of layers of reference.

Puritan was the first Homicide song that ive heard. I also consider this as their magnum opus. Why ? check out below lyrics man :

sratus kali lebih dangkal dari kolom Atang Ruswita
seribu kali lebih busuk dari tajuk majalah Garda
untuk semua idiot yang berfikir semua ide dapat berakhir diperapian
tak ada dunia yang begitu mudah untuk kalian hitamputihkan
mendukung keagungan layak Heidegger mendukung Nazi
propaganda basi, wahyu surgawi dengan bau tengik terasi
jika suci adalah wajib dan perbedaan harus melenyap
maka jawaban atas wahyu parang dan balok adalah bensin, kain dan botol kecap

No local emcee is currently at the same intensity level as Homicide. Not even close.

Bars Of Death – All Cops Are Gods

Homicide broken off at 2007. Then 2014, it was resurrected into Bars of Death. Still the same Ucok & Sarkaz, no decrease in the lyrical department with much much improvement in the song production quality.

Listening to this song, i dunno man, chills everywhere. Not the kind of good chill, more like terror. Especially the interrogation back sound. Force you to think whether the title of the songs, all cops are gods, is just one of the Ucok’s fictional metaphor or a grim reality in our live.

Bars of Death is what happened when Homicide coming back from the grave with more shocks, ammos and horror.

Thanks for reading and dont forget to keep supporting good Indonesian music. All of the song above can be heard in below Youtube Playlist.

Blog post pic is Kill The DJ from JHF,  taken from this url


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