Recommended Readings #7

 Recommended Readings 7

Aaron Levie on MIT Technology Review

Aaron Levie is an outlier within the outlier. He was the founder of Box, cloud storage similar to Dropbox but targeting more on corporate. When nowadays startup founder is associated with hoodie, hes more corporate suit guy.  The article describe his upbringing, the pivotal story of Box and why he thinks enterprise software market  is a ripe place for disruption. Watch also his lecture on Sam Altman’s Startup Class where he gave in depth talk about developing for enterprise. Hes quite funny.

The Right Way To Ask For Apps Review

I never gave app review, not even once. I think the review pop up just annoying and break the experience of using the apps. Apparently there is a better way to do this and an news reading app Circa nailed that. Great read on how to design less intrusive UX and also a bit of insight why customer reviews matters in a mobile application.

Mashable’s History Of Reddit

I am among the 174 million people who use Reddit in daily basis. In fact, i kinda addicted to it. The site was productivity blackhole with lots and lots user generated contents to sift through from daily game deals , interviews with all sort of people and tons of other things. Mashable recently published long feature article describing 9 years saga of how Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman created the now called internet frontpage.

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