Gig Pics

Looking at my camera memory card last night, i realized there are several untransferred pics from various gigs that i attend in the past years. I posted here so it didnt become digital leftovers. Photos are presented in reverse chronological order.



This is from last year’s JavaRockinland frontest row. My first Sore show and somehow it rolled around like a snowball. Up until today, Sore is the band ive watched the most. Somehow.

Efek Rumah Kaca


There are no shame if you watch ERK and cried in the middle of Hilang. Once they come to the part where names of kidnapped activist is announced one by one, all the chill in the world will creep out behind your neck.

Collective Soul


With Sugar Ray, Suicidal Tendencies, Sixpence None The Richer and Collective Soul on it’s roster, i think we could agree that JavaRockinLand 2013 kickstarted the trend of 90s appreciation events.



” Aku adalah arsitek, dari konstruksi tubuhku”.

That line in Mendekati Surga freaked me out when i first heard it sometimes in my highschool. At that time, i was thinking their music is so evil, scary and sinful. So i did what was the right thing to do.

Download Blacklight Shines On and listen to more sinful music.

Asian Dub Foundation


I really really wanted to enjoy ADF performance in Soundsfair but the horrid guitar sound quality just wont let me. Surprisingly, it didnt affect most of patrons there to religiously dancing. Either the ADF mixture of DnB beats with Afro-India rhytm was too good to handle or i was the only sober individual there.

Marsh Kids


The Indonesian indie pop super group. I love both Sore and Tigapagi. As im writing this, im digesting Marsh Kids EP The Many Failings of Bugsy Moonblood. Its been good so far but ive noticed that the main single Inclination is very similar to Sore’s Ssst. Which confirmed my first impression after watching them in Soundsfair : The band is still pretty much Sore but with more instruments.

The Brandals


The Brandals suffered from another case of bad soundsystem in Soundsfair. Such a shame considering, this was their last performance before announcing indefinite hiatus. Lucky Annash should get his band mates together and do 100 km /jam in some sweaty alcohol-soaked jam-packed pub.

Pure Saturday


The band which consistently bringing 90’s Indonesia indie revival sounds even though its 2014 already. I wasnt  into this kind of music back when Cherry Bombshell and Rumah Sakit still around. It was Elora that hooked me and i was only listening to it recently. It has the best intro in a song and you should listen to it if you dont know what im talking about.

Adhitia Sofyan


You have my sympathy if now youre still single. But if youre single and somehow managed to trap yourself in an Adhitia Sofyan show, i will pray for your sad sad soul.  By the time Memilihmu was played in Jazz Goes To Campus 2014, lot of eyes which previously set to joy were then instantly wandering around woefully down to the memory lane.

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