Leaked Footage, is it a Marketing Strategy?

Great insights on leaked footage as a marketing method from my friend Yasaka, Southampton master candidates on digital marketing.


Recently, we heard about The Avengers Age of Ultron trailer that leaked online. The low resolution leaked video, which is taken by camera phone, went viral very fast. Due to the incident, Marvel reacted quickly by releasing the official version of trailer almost a week early before the actual plan (Marvel planned to show the trailer during ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on October, 28th 2014). Marvel Entertainment acknowledged the leak via a tweet “Dammit, Hydra.” to its almost 2 million followers.

Leaked footage is not only happened in movie industry, but also in game and technology industry. We’ve heard about the leaked footage of iPhone 6, Grand Theft Auto V (games), and even new version of Instagram. Leaked footage always associated as a loss for brand. It tells competitors about their products so they can copy or making a better one, and simply ruins the surprise elements of…

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