This whole article are written with Sophie Ellis Bextor – The Deer and The Wolf  playing in the background.

Lets settle this once and for all.

Theres one thing about you that annoys me a lot. Well, one among lot of other thing . If i have spare time ill write it down in a list and sort it alphabetically. I can add “Frequency” and “Annoying degree”  to make a crisp scatter plot ouf of it.

But, right now i will be focusing on one.

We were having a nice dinner, i hold your hand everything was perfect and then suddenly you said  : “Sayang aku nggak ?”. Well, my dear Im not putting ring in someone’s finger just because they’re interesting. But then, a follow up will come : Why ?.

Boom. This is what i called the Reasons Question.

Usually i stutter when you ask this question. My answer for this question will determine how smooth the our date goes. Wrong answer and  i will have to bear with your pouting for the rest of the night . Not that your pouting makes you ugly, but i believe smile is the best make up a girl can wear on her face. Also the thinking and creativity to come up with a satisfying answer often give my brain heavy load within burst of seconds. Hence the stutter. Which is also the symptom of a mild stroke.

To lower the risk of jeopardizing our future dates and for the sake of my well being, i will write the answer of this question right here right now. So by the time the reasons questions comes up again, i can just open my smartphone browser and read at your disposal.

So here are several reasons why im doing what i do and our plan in the not far future. As if this doesn’t obvious enough what im talking about.

You worry about me like no one ever before

yes, not even my mom worry about me that much.

One day i overslept until 8.30 am on work days and my phone was dead. As soon as i turn on my phone, i got 30 something missed call from you and barrages of messages from various methods from line whatsapp, google hangout and sms. Not only that, i also got bombarded by messages from my friends asking what happened with me……..because you asked every one of them why the hell am i not waking up at 08.30 on workdays.

It sound silly at first but that was one of the best feelings in the world.

You forced me to do the right things

Not stopping at red lights ? you will rambling on about how dangerous it is and scold me for not being patient.

Constantly arriving late at the office ? My day will be filled with lectures on how am i suppose to get promoted if i continue to behave like this.

Not having plan for the future? I will be, we will have argument, i will raise my voice, you will cry, i will apologize, i realize my mistakes and then start thinking about making a plan.

You forced me to fight my inner devils such as  laziness, indifference, impatience, stubbornness and makes me do the right thing. You just wont let me screw things up and keep pushing me forward which is exactly what i needed.

We can work together as a team

For our plan, we had limited budget, strict deadline and long laundry list to be tackled. Being happy go lucky, i tend to just go with the flow and not over think about details while you insist on having clear, measurable, gantt-chart-able step by step plan. We had our fair share of squabble and dissent but all of it can be quickly solved with negotiation and you folding in my arm.

We never know what lies ahead in front of us but i feel like we had our partnership base all settled up. Captain Kirk doesnt even flinch when he faced possibility of total annihilation by time travelling Romulan villain because he has Spock to calculate all the strategy for him. With you, to boldly go where we never gone before sounds like a fun adventure.

And thats a wrap. I believe this 772 words essay describe all you need to know about my reason of doing all of this with you.

One last thing

Happy birthday my beloved soon-to-be life partner Putri Lenggo Sari. I wouldn’t even think about diving head first this journey if its not because of you.


PS : Since this issue is concluded, i suggest we refocus our argument to more pressing matter such as why ITS is a great higher education option for our future offspring. 





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