Canva is web apps to create graphic design.

It has it’s mission featured on the front page :  to make everyone a designer. That ticked me personally, because im totally sucks at design. I cannot  operate Photoshop all my life so im definitely the lost cause which Canva would hope to convert. So does Canva successful making me better ?


Spoiler alert, yes it does. Canva is utterly simple yet amazing. I now use it regularly for create awesome graphics in presentation, social media and of course, this blog.

To start using Canva, you pick from the several predetermined templates ranging from podcast cover to Facebook covers. Once you picked , Canva will give you several example work which i think is the best feature. The example designs are already good looking you can just start editing which will fasten your work.


If you want to use custom image, you can instantly search inside the Canva’s stock photo colection on the top left of the screen. Unfortunately, youll need to pay for using these images. But surprisingly, Canva let you upload your own image. Giving this option is enabled, i wonder do any of the Canva users paid for their internal stock photo.

You dont know where to look for free stock photos ? go check this incredibly useful Buffer blog post.

Another interesting stuff about Canva is the blog. They have lots of design tutorial which you can instantly applied inside Canva. The tutorials are written in an easy language and it break down slowly step by step like a patient older brother. Very pleasing to read for non-design-aware population like me. Check out this tutorial on how to choose perfect font. 

Canva are built with good design at its core. Their mission to make everyone a designer has been working for me so far. Canva became part of my regular tools and will recommend it to everyone who wants to create great design materials in an easy way.

Canva – Amazingly Simple Graphic Design

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