Recommended Readings #3 : Medium

Last week  ive found out about interesting service called Medium , a blogging platform developed by Twitter co founders Evan Williams & Biz Stone. They  created this to encourage twitter users to create content beyond 140 characters. Medium puts heavy emphasis on writing  and content discovery. In attempt to deliver this with consistent clean design, Medium sacrifice user customization so every blog hosted medium will look the same. Throwing personalization out the door, user have to rely solely on their writing to stand out.Two things Medium do best, makes comfortable reading format and create distraction free writing editor. The best ive seen so far in the internet.


Another nice aspect about medium is the content discovery system. In your homepage, Medium will curates a collection of blog post according to your interest. So that makes Medium a theme of this week post of Recommended Readings. Enjoy and have a nice day.

Lifehacker’s explanation on alternative blogging platform

To understand pros and cons about alternative blogging platform such as Medium, read this piece on Lifehacker. Its also explain the comparison with more well known platform such as WordPress and Blogger.

Nikki Durkin on Failing a startup 

Everyone loves a success story. Weve been exposed to encouraging rags to riches story from Cinderella to Zuckerberg. But how about failure story ?. Founder of fashion sharing app 99dresses Nikki Durkin tells a story about the crash and burn of her startup. Very personal and emotional.

Aulia Masna on Wearables are still overrated

Ex-Daily Social and tech pundit Aulia Masna rants about wearables and how suck they are this time of day. Spoiler alert, its the batteries.

Julie Zhuo on Working in Startup vs Big Companies

We all known its different. But to know how different and in what aspect it differs, read out this educational piece from Facebook’s product designer Julie Zhuo

Have a nice monday good people. Oh i almost forgot, lets be friends on Medium!

Recommended Readings (RR) is a weekly compilation of  internet articles which is interesting and insightful. No limitation on the topic, as long as it ticks me ill share it with you guys here. Check out the previous RR articles here

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