Fath & Echa Wedding


Exactly a year ago, me and my friends couldnt foresee this even though we play, travel, going out together for years. Fath, determined to get married soon, was still in anxiety for her love live which stucked in second gear. While Echa’s relationship status was ” always-first-date-without-clear-continuity-in-mind”. Well, he’s busy moderating our Lelaki Mau Kawin’s forum anyway with quality post and dubious double entendre. 2014 came in and one day in Zenbu Kota Kasablanka, Echa made a big announcement about his relationship status development. When he said he’s dating Fath, jaws were being dropped. It was so surprising for the gangs, theres a momentarily pause in the air because our brain having quite a latency to digest the information. Well, fast forward yesterday and this photo was taken. As cliche as it is, love will find a way.

Happy wedding, Reza Rizki Muttaqin and Adinda Fathimah Khairulmal. I hope you guys have a lifetime supplies full of adventure.




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