Intro to computer science is now the most popular course at Harvard

As our world is getting more & more dominated by software, programming or coding will seamlessly integrate into various activities. Not so long time ago, the internet is an activity. You do something in the internet, you say “ill look for it on the internet, Ill do research on the internet”. Nowadays, you just do something. Internet already integrate into your activities unconsciously.

Same thing will happen coding. Rather than “I will create a website “, youll more likely to say ” I want to sell my stuff” which part of it is creating a website. Coding will embed into various activities hence it will needed by various profession as well. Practically, everybody should learn to code.

The demand for Computer Science 101 course, as shown in article below, is high and growing. It will be good move for Indonesian universities to capture this trend by putting introductory CompSci as general course for all major.

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