Movies With Awesome Soundtracks

Have you watched guardian of the galaxy ?

If you have, then one thing on your mind after you went out the theater was probably to look and download this movie soundtrack. It was that good of the soundtrack. The movie itself is all you can crave for a Marvel’s adaptation. Character was very likeable, its hilarious and the plot was solid.  But the one which makes the movie memorable is the soundtrack which was full of 70’s classic rock songs, The Awesome Mix. Director James Gunn use this to point out to the audience that Starlord is really human from the Planet Earth.


After discussing this movie with my colleague, I cant help but listing other movies which have awesome soundtracks. Below are my personal picks.

The Worlds End


The final part of Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy which features english finest comedy duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Accompanied by Martin Freeman, Paddy Cosinine and Eddy Marsan, Simon & Nick plays school friends which come back to their old neighborhood and do their unfinished pub crawl. Their trip to drunk memory lane was then interrupted by alien robotic invasion. Absurd and funny in an english kinda way.

The soundtrack itself is a showcase of Madchester, fusion genre between british rock and dance music originated from Manchester in the early 90’s. This movie introduce me to the whole genre which features bands like Stone Roses, Primal Scream and Happy Mondays. 


Scott Pilgrim vs The World


If you are a gamer, youll love this movie. Michael Cera act as Scott Pilgrim, awkward high schooler who falls in love with girl called Ramona. In order to win her heart, he fight 7 ramona exes in a boss-battle like showdown. In the movie, Scott plays in an indie rock band which called Sex-Bomb-omb. The soundtrack feels like the kind of songs Sex Bomb Omb would jam to, tracks from hipster bands you’d probably never hear before. From this album,  I recommend “Its getting boring by the sea” by Blood Red Shoes, “By Your Side ” a Sade cover version and “Black Sheep” by Metric.


Catatan Akhir Sekolah

Catatan Akhir Sekolah (CAS) bears a lot of similiarities with AADC. Both movies revolves around life in high school and both are well known for their soundtracks. For me, Catatan Akhir Sekolah beats Ada Apa Dengan Cinta everytime. CAS main plot is the friendship between three high schoolers Agni, Arian and Ade who joins in a film club. As the final days of their school year is approaching, this three self proclaimed “losers” vowed to make one epic movie to proof their existence. Classic coming of age stories, friendship, love and struggle to overcome hardship. Less cheesy with more meat than AADC. 



I believe CAS and Jomblo are two of the masterpiece of Hanung Bramantyo. All Indonesian teenagers growing up should watch those two movies in marathon. 

To describe the soundtrack, theres The SIGIT, Pure Saturday, Mocca, Homogenic, Seringai, The Upstair, Homogenic, Teenage Death Star. Enough said right ?. This soundtrack is what i called  “introduction to what Indonesian songs you should listened to other than those crap at Dahsyat”.

Thats it for my soundtrack’s pick. What yours ?

CAS pic are taken from Eigarebyu’s blog

2 thoughts on “Movies With Awesome Soundtracks

  1. I found this web accidentally and a little bit surprise taken pict from my blog. Hope that makes my blog a little bit popular then 😄
    I just wanna add my fav soundtrack; Pintu Terlarang and Janji Joni
    I prefer them than CAS

  2. I found this web accidentally and a little bit surprise taken pict from my blog. Hope that makes my blog a little bit popular then 😄
    I just wanna add my fav soundtrack; Pintu Terlarang and Janji Joni

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