Electronic Dance Podcast

Monday morning, the quintessential time for having the laziness taking over you.

Electronic dance podcast
Electronic dance podcast

 So i guess ill just do short post and share one of things i enjoy. I listened to dance music podcast a lot. Im having is as background sound while i do other thing such as writing, reading stuff on the internet or playing games. Below are top 3 that i would recommend with everyone who has the same affinity for four to the floor beats.

W&W Mainstage


W&W produced some of hard hitting trance-house such as Lift Off!Their Mainstage podcast features big room electro house & uplifting trance with massive energy, melodical build up with epic drop. Suitable to encouraging you to wake up in the morning and punch someone face off.

Oliver Helden’s Heldeep Radio

When i start digging the electronic dance music, i listened mostly to mainstream podcast by household names DJ such as Armin Van Buuren’s ASOT, Tiesto’s Club life or Hardwell On Air. But after so long its getting kinda boring because the tracks they played are mostly the same. So i venture out a bit, found out the Heldeep radio and love it.  As said on the podcast opening, Oliver Heldens plays mixture of underground deep house and some of top beatport tracksRefreshing.

UMEK’s Behind The Iron Curtain

UMEK is a Slovenian techno DJ. In his Behind The Iron Curtain, he plays variety of tech house tracks. Unlike the more mainstream EDM like electro house or trance, tech house consiste of very basic beats, bassline and simplified melody. You cant sing it, you cant even make a hum for these songs because theres no melody. You just listened and dance. UMEK podcast was my gateway to this kind of music.

Thats it for this post, have a great Sunday good people.

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