Keeping Up With The Blogging

Its hard to keep blogging these days

Case in point : this very blog. The last long post i wrote was back in May for my anniversary. Busy is a cliche reason. Not that im occupied with anything to save the world with. Mostly because work stuff, my soon-to-be-announced future plans and the most time sucker of it all : Steam account. Ten bucks worth of Borderland 2 GOTY edition ive got from the sale is such a chore to finish with. A very enjoyable one mind you, recommend it to anyone who has soft spot for RPG & FPS. 

On the other hand, i still love a tingly feel of accomplishment ive got from having my own space with my own thing in the interwebs. Hence i couldnt see my self shutting this blog down. 

So from now on ill take middle ground. I will fill this homey space ive own since 2007 with content. Not so much my writing perhaps but more on share able content i read on the internet. Lets give a praise wordpress share button API for this capability. 

Till we meet again kind strangers!

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