A Man Must Constantly Exceed His Level

Ive been an engineer by profession for almost 3 years now. I graduated from an institute of technology, so if i take that into account its been 7 years ive been in the engineering world. A specific branch of it, software engineering. I build my career on it and so far, it is pleasant and exciting journey.

Few days ago, my manager handed me an unexpected news. I will be transferred to another department. Ill tell you more about this department later when its official but i can tell you that it is waaaay different than my background.

Somehow i took this in a very negative way. Its like being forced to leave everything i settled myself with. Engineer is how i define myself all this time and now i had to take that off. Fear, uncertainty and doubt which clouds my mind can be boiled down to one simple sentence :

Will i be able to survive in that new territory ?

Then i found this comic on zenpencils.com :


Bruce Lee : There Are No Limits

The comic author, Gavin Aung Than,  did a great job making   Bruce Lee’s quote into heart-touching inspirational comic. Read the story below the comic as well, good stuff. It brought shiver down to my spine.

I still had my doubts about this upcoming career turn but im trying to look more positively. In the new territory, surely theres a greater chance for me getting killed. With zero knowledge, performing will be some kind of a herculean task.  But hey, that condition will activate survival instinct out of me and theres a good chance i learn new skill ive never foresee before.

Worrying wont solve nothing, i better prepare myself and set sail to the whole new direction. Wish me luck friends.

PS: special mention for Sari, thanks for comforting me when the news shocked me the most 🙂

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