Darth & Vader

“Do or do not, there is no try” – Jedi Master Yoda

Darth & Vader a.k.a Hugo Castellan surely was not trying when producing bass-heavy tunes named Return of The Jedi, he did. This Brazilian producer known for his formula of mixing dirty electro house sounds with wobbly bass of dubstep. Just the sound i recommend hearing to if you want to have sudden urge to bang your head to the wall.

I heard them first in the Eminence weekly podcast, their remix on Kitchen by Sheff is just beast. Cant help not to make mix with my Darth & Vader playlist. Check Afrojack’s Prutataa remix and their original production, Return Of The jedi

Check Darth & Vader Mix in my Mixcloud Page


Track List :

  1.  Lazy Rich Feat. Lizzie Curious – Get Out (Darth & Vader Remix)
  2. Freefire – Dataloss (Darth & Vader Remix)
  3. Neologic Vs Beat Hunters – Logical Beats (Darth & Vader Remix)
  4.  Acetronik – Make Me Feel Good (Darth & Vader Remix)
  5.  Meeleefresh Vs Spekrfreks – Damelo (Darth & Vader Remix)
  6. Prutataa (Darth & Vader Remix)
  7. Darth & Vader – Return Of The Jedi (Original Mix)
  8. Sheff – Kitchen (Darth & Vader Remix)

Check this links to know more about Darth & Vader :

  1. Interview with Mischief Magazine
  2. Official Facebook Page

A good day you have and may the force-step be with you

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