Tomorrow is going to be awesome day because there will be a drive going on in Jakarta. Yep, thats right a drive like no other, DriveBooks. At The last DriveBooks i was only participating as a passenger who enjoys used book sale at ridiculously cheap price. Today, i join 30-ish awesome people which volunteered happily to make the drive possible, exhausting yet fulfilling. Heres a short post on whats happening under the hood before tomorrow DriveBooks Sale.

Sorting the books for DriveBooks


After nearly a month of collecting the books via collection points all over Jakarta, DriveBooks will have another sale tomorrow at Jakarta Car Free Day. Today me and other volunteers gathered at EX plaza basement to do the hardwork  before the sale which is sorting the books. It was a lot of books to sort mind you, we unload the collection box one by one and start sorting it by quality and genre. The variety of books donated also overwhelming, box after boxes i saw classic literature such as Homer’s Oddysey, Danielle Steel’s romance novels,  Tom Clancy’s and also modern pop reading. We have a stack full of Dan Brown’s, Stephanie Meyer’s and Harry Potters as well. Looking at the mountain of books there, I am sure we have a book for everyone.

So dont forget to check our booth tomorrow 29th January 2012 at Jakarta Car Free Day infront of Ex Plaza Thamrin. Books will be sold starting from 50k IDR and all the money goes to Sahabat Anak and Taman Bacaan Pelangi. One book sold will make a smile to the children, lets send a lot of smile tomorrow.

Good people, see you at the booth tomorrow. Lets drive!.

For more information about Drive Books not Cars, check these links :

Posted by Kiki Ahmadi

Professional in Telco and Digital industry in Indonesia | Currently pursuing master's degree in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship in University of Manchester

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  1. I think the price starts at IDR 35 K for normal book. For premium books, it starts from IDR 50 K


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