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Do you have a great weekend ? if you live in the fast lane under Jakarta hot sky, you need to have it to keep you sane for the next weekdays. This weekend i have one, hella good one. I was just waking up in my friend house with some of the ex-college boys after the night United blazed Bolton 5-0 when i checked my twitter, Sunday morning was actually the DriveBooks Jakarta Book Sale. Rushing from Lebak Bulus to Ex Plaza, i was arrived just in time to support their cause by buying bloody cheap english book for donations.

Books ive bought on today's DriveBooks Sale, on the right row

DriveBooks is a social movement started by two foreginers Zack Petersen, Scott Hanna and one Indonesian woman Rahimah Abdulrahim. Their mission is to gather used english books by putting dropboxes in several public places in Jakarta such as BlitzMegaplex and Starbucks, and then later sell the books for donation. Funds collected from the book sale will be donated to SahabatAnak and Taman Bacaan Pelangi for educational projects and obviously, for buying children books for them.

I met Zack and Scott in TEDx Jakarta a while back, thats where i found out this movement. They reach out to the crowd with enthusiasm, the kind of attitude you need to promote a good cause.  That and their catchy taglines (drive books not cars), responsible for my instant decision to follow their twitter timeline in an instant.

DriveBooks Posters

As for the book sale in Ex, the books was bloody damn cheap. 10k IDR for paperback and 25 to 50k for the hard cover ones. Yes it were a secondhanded books, but if you have sharp eyes and a bit of persistence, you can get a mint condition books. With over 3000 titles gathered, i went there hoping i could bring home one or two good reads.

Exceeding own expectation, i spent 50k IDR exchanged by 5 books and a big wide smile of good feeling. StarCraft novel, New York Time best seller novel about Abe Lincoln and vampires, book about a woman who goes undercover as man, chicklit and a thought-exercisin book about Islam and The West. A weird reading list i could say.

Based on their latest tweet, the movement turned out to be quite a sucess.  Kudos for all the volunteers and book donators. If you wanna know more about them, go check the FB page and make sure you give it a thumb.

Im excited to hear more about the book sale, but before that i need to finish my reading list first. To buy, is after all the easiest while to make a commitment for reading is the trickiest.

Happy weekend people!

14 thoughts on “DriveBooks Jakarta

  1. what the .. 50k dapet 5 buku .. tau gitu nitip mbel 🙂

    menurutku ini salah satu bentuk ketimpangan sosial, entah kenapa event-event kayak gini hanya ada di jakarta (mostly) dan kota-kota besar di jawa. dan event-event kayak gini inilah yang menjadi salah satu daya tarik jakarta yg bisa membuat banyak orang berpikir untuk hidup di jakarta (i admit I’m, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one hehe) alhasil urbanisasi ke jakarta ga bisa berkurang, kuantitatif mungkin, kualitatif (sdm) kurasa makin bertambah.

    walah jadi curcol … kalau ada event kayak gini lagi bisa nitip ga mbel? :p

  2. Saya pengeeeeeeen banget novel “Dune” saga buatan Frank Herbert. 😦

    Di mana ya, apa di Indonesia ada yang jual? 😦

    Saya ngebet banget itu Dune, soalnya saya maenin game-nya, game PC genre RTS. Penasaran saya dengan cerita aslinya. 🙂

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