If I Was A Techno DJ, This 7 Songs Would Be On My Set

Phew, been overwhelmed by my new job. Twice the workload, twice the challenge and that means twice the fun. Anyway just to update this blog, ill just do a light post sharing some of my recent music on my playlist. For this week, my ears craving for bumping dance club tunes. So as the title implies, heres 7 sick mix that will make you eargasm. Welcome to club linuxgembel, Kiki Ahmadi will be your DJ tonite. Drink responsibly and dance accordingly.

1. Mord Fustang – Lick The Rainbow (Original Mix)

To pump up your mood and stretch your techno nerves, heres one mix all the way from Estonian DJ Mord Fustang. A funny name for a DJ aint eh?. Found this track on Beatport top 10 and  some random electro house mix in Youtube. Sounds a lil bit dubstep here and there, im no fan of dubstep but this one is ok for me. Click for more info on Mord Fustang.

2. Martin Solveig- Hello 

From Estonia, we go all the way to France. Where this innocent faced DJ , which kinda reminds me of Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim, Superbad), crazed clubhoppers  all over Paris club. This video of Martin Solveig also featuring pro tennis player, Novak Djokovic.

3. Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Madeon remix)

I just found Madeon today after stumbling around 9gag and found this super awesome pop mashup remix. Even more awesome, Madeon is still 17 years old. Radical!

4. Deadmau5 – Ghost and Stuff (Original Mix)

After listening the madeon remix, next one we go to the notorious Deadmau5 with this killer single of his. Funny story related to Deadmau5, when i was in KL me and my friends went to Ministry of Sound in Sunway Pyramid. When we entered, surprisingly the club is so deserted. Turns out that theres a rave party just next door in Sunway Beach which was headlined by Deadmau5. Such a wrong timing. Anway theres a funny sarcastic quote at the end of this song, go listen.

5. Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love

Behold as romanian producer Edward Maya brings Vika Jigulina seducing eastern european accents voice with a catch of banging bass line to your ears. This video clip which garnered 120 millions views on Youtube, showing us the summer beauty of Greece. I was expecting more Greece girls on screen though :D.

6. Sheff – Kitchen (Darth and Vader Remix)

Nothing much i can find about Darth & Vader nor Sheff. This track is Dubstep heavy also but Mexican-ish guitar sound with bwopwopwop dub sound in one track ? Fcuk Yeah!.

7. Tiesto – Dont Ditch 


Last song on the list but obviously not the least. From the turntable of legendary Dutch trance producer a.k.a the man himself : Tiesto. Ive got plenty of fave choices when it comes to Tiesto from Traffic, Lethal Industry or Adagio For String. But this Dont Ditch tunes really hit the nerves, pretty much like cheap annoying ringtones. You may not like it at first but it haunts your subconscience for a long time and the tunes always play in your mind.

Thats all for tonights show, thanks for coming to linuxgembel techno house. DJ KikiAhmadi disconnecting, have a nice day folks and see you on the next list.  Over and out


3 thoughts on “If I Was A Techno DJ, This 7 Songs Would Be On My Set

  1. apa? DJ Ford Mustang? *eh*

    hehe, kalo boleh nambahin Steve Aoki ft Laidback Luke and Lil’ Jon – Turbulence. Makes you wanna dance and nod ya head all the time :p *lebay*

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