Switchfoot live in KL

You guys know switchfoot ? no ? ok then no need to feel bad, most of my friends also the same. Thats why when they came and held a concert here in KL, i had to go solo cos nobody knew Switchfoot *forever alone face. Anyway, let met tell you a lil bit of Switchfoor in this post if you dont know about this awesome band. For starters, ill give you a spoiler : They sound friggin awesome live! :).

Switchfoot rockin Kuala Lumpur

Meet switchfoot, 5 piece band from San Diego, USA. Their genre is more on Alternative rock, some of the media categorized them as Christian Rock because their previous label Re:Think was associated with CCM , a gospel label. Getting their famous break after a movie A Walk to Remember which featured their singles such as Dare You To Move, Learning to Breathe and Only Hope. You know the movies right ? the one who introduce us to the innocent face of Mandy Moore ?. You probably think that Only Hope is Mandy’s song, because that was the song who rocketed her as a singer also. Only Hope is written by Jon Foreman and included in their second album The New Way to Be Human.

Drew Shirley with subtle Macbeth trucker cap on

I first listen to this band in junior high i think, in one modern rock compilation casette along with Linkin Park and Creed. I forgot the compilation title though, the song featured there was Dare You To Move. Love their sounds effect which greatly varies from one song to another. Try listening to Only Hope, Learning to Breathe and Mess of Me in a row, youll get what i meant. My colleague Jonathan first informed me about their coming to KL, and he said that their sounds better than the record at live performance. Well, next thing i did was rush to KLCC to get the ticket for their gig.

Almost full band shot without Jerome Fontamillan

What the hell was the promotor thinking when their choose the venue ? that was my first impression after i arrived at Dewan Mutiara which is a second grade Mall. Its an international artist anyway, why they didnt choose more proper place such as stadium or at least a lounge. The concert was held at the 4th floor ballroom there. The crowds was quite crowded , the whole 4th floor flocked by teenage hordes of Switchfoot fans. I was expecting less than that actually.

I was buying the cheapest ticket for the show which cost me 93 RM. When i enter the venue, unexpectedly the security office allow me to go to the moshpit area which is the second closest to the stage. That was a good start for the night, i feel lucky already. Later i know that wasnt the only luck i got at the concert hahaha.

Jon Foreman with his guitar

They kick start the crowd with The Awakening, which succeed to pick up the mood. I have to agree with Jonathan big time, Switchfoot was really sounds better live. The guitar effect sound fantastic and Jon Foreman running around stages like crazy. He even tried to climb up scaffolding which holds the lighting equipment, what a hype guy. The setlist for the night mostly comes from their latest album, Hello Huricane such as The Sound, Mess of Me, Aways, Free, Needle and Haystack Life. But i was pleased, because they played oldskool hits such as  Love is a Movement, Learning to Breathe, Only Hope and Stars. After nearly two hours, they close the performance with Dare You To Move – Shadow Proves The Sunshine medley. I was having an eargasm that night, damn their sound so amazing.

As i said  previously, my luck that night wasnt ended only by mistakenly allowed to go for moshpit eventough i buy cheapest ticket. When i was busy taking photo with my handy Cybershot T99, some one pokes me from behind. It turns out to be a cute girl, she asked me to send her my pic then give me namecard. Dude, i feel like Barney Stinson, i wasnt even used pickupline to get a girl phone number haha.

Wait, as a matter of fact  i havent sent her the pic. Where do i put that namecard anyway, geez!

Thats all for the review mates, if you want to start listening to Switchfoot, i personally recommend listening to their the best compilation, The Best Yet.

See you when i see you Switchfoot!

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