Maroon 5 Live in KL

Two international artist concert in one weekend, thats too much aint it ? ya i thought so also. I had that last week because last month i bought two concert ticket separately without knowing that it just only one day difference between them.  Oh well, its Maroon 5 and Switchfoot anyways and both of them performed awesomely, i fell less guilty about the money spent for those. Heres my take up on Maroon 5, ill follow up with Switchfoot later.

Maroon 5 live in KL

On friday, me and agung went all the way across KL to Bukit Jalil to watch Adam Levine, James Valentine, Jesse Carmichael, Michael Madden and Matt Flynn rockin up the stages. The event took place at Stadium Putra, a huge basketball (or hockey ? im not sure) stadium just infront of Bukit Jalil Soccer stadium. I bought the second cheapest ticket and turn out that the seat i got was really sucks. Ok not that sucks, because its on the side of the stadium and actually by distance its quite close to the stage. The suck part was since were on the side, adjacent to the sound system which blasted the sound to the front. As result the sound coming for our side was bad, i can say thats the least loud concert ive been to.

Apart from that inconvenience, Maroon 5 performance was awesome. Without any opening band, they just kickstart the stage with Misery. Jesse Carmichael brought his full round around keyboard and synth set that look so Daft Punk. The band brought two keyboard set, with the other one piloted by an their session player, PJ Morton. The song setlist mostly coming from their last album, after misery their rockin the stages with Stutter, Hands All Over, Out Of Goodbye, Never Gonna Leave This Bed and Give A Little More.  Then they performed acoustic performance of She Will Be Loved, continued by their all time singles such as Wake Up Call, Sunday Morning, Wont Go Home Without you and closed by harder to breathe. I was giving aw-man expression when they close the show, cos they didnt play my personal fave, Just A Feeling.

I blame the promoter and EO for the lame seat arrangement but praise Maroon 5 for the performance, they know how to rock.

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